°°Book Review -Heavy by JC Mells°°


Book: Heavy

Author: J.C. Mells

Genre: Contemporary Romance, NA

Reviewer : Nikki K

Stars ( Os ): OOOO

California dancing alone in a rockstar`s hotel room may have been the best performance of her life! Her audience of one, Thach the hot tattoo artist, is very appreciative of her show.

Growing up the daughter of a world famous Actor, Cali led a privledged life. She was used to seeing her life on display in the Hollywood press, her every stumble, foible and bad idea plastered all over the tabloids. She is also a target of exploitation by those she trusts and loves. As her model perfect stepsister`s “wingman”, Cali makes some seriously bad choices when it comes to men. Dealing with the affter affects of her botched kidnapping and her own poor decisions eventually lead her to internalizing her pain. Cali turns to bulimia and drugs to cope with her fear and self loathing.

Thatch is THE tattoo artist to the rockers and becoming well known and in demand for his ink. But Thatch has a private life and he struggles to keep himself and his family on the straight and narrow. There is no room in his world for the devistation that comes with drugs and partying hard.

What happens when Thatch first sees Cali is explosive. Their intense desire for one another is palpable. Just a look from Cali has Thatch aching to take himself in hand and release his tensions. Cali instantly knows Thatch will be her reason to move forward, to get her s*it together and grow up. The only problem is, Thatch has no place in his life for the demons that haunt Cali.

Once Cali finds her way into Tatches life, she makes herself indispensible. Now it`s Cali that holds Thatches whole world in her hands. Can she do it, can she live up to his lofty expectations?

J.C.Mells has done a great job of infusing love and hot sex with heart ache and pain. I only wish the Details of the botched kidnappng were a little more seedy. If you`re looking for a “pick yourself up by your boot straps heroine”, you`ll find her in Cali.

***I received an ARC of HEAVY from the author.

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