☆Book Review -Locke by Harper Sloan☆


Book: Locke (Corps Security #5)

Author: Harper Sloan

Series: Corps Security

Release Date: Currently out

Genre: Romance/Military/

Contemporary Fiction

Publisher: Harper Sloan

Reviewer: Shannon

Stars (Os): OOOOO (5 O’s)


This is the story of Maddox Locke in the Corps Security series by Harper Sloan. If you have not read this series yet, then crawl out from under the rock you’ve been hiding under and get to reading. You will not be disappointed.

Harper Sloan has written some amazing stories about the Alpha men of Corps Security and the strong women they love, but I must say that Locke is my favorite. I have been looking forward to his story since he was first introduced to us. I found myself reading it slowly…relishing each word and emotion…not wanting the story to end.

I loved the interaction between Locke and Emmy! They both show us that sometimes the things that we consider faults or imperfections in ourselves are what others love the most about us. They see the REAL person inside and that beauty and strength shines through.

Thank you Harper Sloan for another amazing story. This is one of the few series that I will read several times over.



♡Harper is generously  donating a portion of the sales from Locke to the Semper Fi Fund, so buy the book now and show some love to the brave Marines that show us l9ve every day♡

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