●Book Review 1- Rafael by Faith Gibson●

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Book: Rafael

Series: The Stone Society, Book 1

Author: Faith Gibson

Release Date: November 18, 2014

Genre: Paranormal/Erotic Romance

Reviewer: Nikki K

Stars (O’s): OOOOO (5)

****I’d like to preface my review by telling you I am not a fan of paranormal, or at least I wasn’t until I read Rafael.****

The safety of New Atlanta and in-fact the world rests in the hands of the protectors, the shifters, the Goyles. Rafael Stone, has gladly accepted his role as leader of the Gargoyles. In doing so, he became comfortable with his life of solitude, resigned to the fact that his chances of finding a mate were slim and none. His life was full, he had his brothers, cousins, and his work.

Kaya Kane grew up knowing that she would follow in  her father’s footsteps and become a police officer. She dreamt of bringing law and order to the chaos that was her hometown of New Atlanta.  As Police Chief, Kaya lived her professional life in a man’s world, making it hard for the men she associated with to see her as anything but their superior. They certainly didn’t see her as a beautiful, sensual woman.

When the bodies of several murdered dignitaries are discovered in a warehouse owned by Rafael Stone,  the worlds of Kaya and Rafael collide.  While investigating the murders, Chief Kane comes face to face with the reclusive Mr. Stone. From their very first communication, Rafe knows there is something different, special, about Kaya. She stirs something in him that has him needing to learn more about this beautiful, and powerful protector of the people. Never having seen Rafe, Kaya does not know what to expect. She is surprised when she finds a gorgeous man, who just happens to cause her body to come alive with a mere brush against her skin. Little does she know he holds a secret hundreds of years old.  The immediate chemistry between the two is palpable. There is no way Rafe can ignore the draw he has to her. Is it possible? Could she be his mate?

During the investigation it becomes apparent that the murders were not random, not even politically motivated. They were personal! The mastermind behind the murders has an agenda based on old grievances. He has come back to New Atlanta to find what was taken from him and take revenge on those that took it. Will Chief Kane’s digging put her in the sights of the madman reigning fear over her city? Will Rafe and his clan be able to protect her and the residents of New Atlanta?  Only time (and reading the book) will tell.

Rafael is the first paranormal book written by Faith Gibson. As an avid reader, fan of the genre and talented story teller,  Faith has painted a wonderfully exciting portrait of these sexy shifters, and the times in which the reside. Throughout the book, my emotions mimicked those of the Goyles. When they were fearful or angry, i was feeling it with them. While at the same time, my blood heated when the pent up desires and passions were revealed.

As with her previous books, Fatih has the ability to tell a story that captures the reader. But this time, she invites us into her imagination as we take flight with Rafael and the Stone Society to watch over the residence of New Atlanta.

***I received an ARC for an honest review.

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