☆Book Review 6~Rafael by Faith Gibson☆

Author Faith Gibson Rafael Cover


Series: The Stone Society, Book 1
Author: Faith Gibson
Release Date: November 18, 2014
Genre: Paranormal/Erotic Romance
Reviewer: KK
Stars ( O’s ): OOOOO

Even though I do not read many paranormal books, I have to say…this one was awesome! This is a very different type of paranormal than I am accustom to. No vampires and werewolves here. Gargoyle shape-shifters all the way! I am not talking about little ugly stone creatures either. Hot, good-looking, well defined muscularly, kick ass men that just happen to have fangs, claws and a leathery set of wings to fly with lying in wait when needed, yet undetectable normally.

The two main characters are Kaya Kane, the police chief, and Rafael Stone, the King of the Gargouille. They have explosive chemistry that can not be denied. A murder investigation brings them together, but it may also keep them apart. I thoroughly enjoyed watching these characters as they navigated through the obstacles that lie in front of them.

The supporting characters where entertaining and interesting and I look forward to seeing much more of many of them. The groundwork is laid for some great sequels.

I am a very detail oriented person, and this book kept me on my toes! It was definitely obvious it is going to be a big series, and I can’t wait! She set up the other characters beautifully so that I am salivating in anticipation for the rest of this series! This book does not have a cliffhanger which I do love, but I would not exactly call it a stand alone either. There is so much information in regards to the plot line, I highly recommend reading it before starting any future sequels.

I also often find in the literary ebook world many corners are cut in regards to punctuation. I did not find this to be the case with this book. Ms. Gibson writes with complex sentences but it is not lacking great effort for proper punctuation.

I gladly give this book 5 Stars! Well done, Ms. Gibson!

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