☆Book Review 2~Soleil by Lainie Suzanne☆

Book: Soleil

Series: Nexus Book 2

Author: Lainie Suzanne

Release Date: November 25, 2014

Genre: BDSM/Erotica

Reviewer: Nikki K 

Stars (O’s): OOOOO

Three is Not a crowd!

As a forty something divorced woman, Deb has had her share of bad dates. After her most recent flub of a date she has all but given up on finding someone special. When the delectable Derek walks into her bank and invites her to lunch, she never thought it would be the spark that ignites her love life.

Derek finds Deb’s lack of experience in BDSM refreshing. He sees her natural submissive nature and is instantly attracted to her. Will he be able to bring Deb into “the lifestyle”?

Patrick  is also attracted to the sexy newcomer, and he senses her attraction to him. He and Derek have been best friends for many years; they even came into the lifestyle together. The two sexy Doms share everything. Is there a limit to what they will share?

Once again Lainie Suzanne has penned a relatable story. With Deb, she has given us a still beautiful, yet middle-aged divorcee` trying to rebuild herself. Deb’s struggle with her upbringing versus her desire, hits close to home and allowed me to put myself in her spot throughout the book. This is a profile fitting so many in our  age group, and I applaud her portrayal of a real woman.

The way Lainie has written the BDSM scenes and the D/s relationships shows all parties receiving respect and in control of their own fate. Never did I feel the characters were being coerced or mistreated.

If you are not interested in gorgeous men, beautiful women, erotic and kinky sex scenes, and an overall HOT book, don’t read Soliel! But if you are into all of these things and want to read a well written  story, go pick up Soleil, just make sure you have a change of panties and a working BOB!

Author Lainie Suzanne
Soleil by Lainie Suzanne


Nexus ~ The Core of Erotic Desires – The Nexus Series #1


    1. Lainie, there is no thanks needed. Soleil is a great book and it was my pleasure to read it. We wish you much success with this, and all of your future books. Oh and thank you for your support of TaSTy WordGasms!

      ~ Nik♡


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