☆☆BOOK REVIEW ~ The Rocker Who Shatters Me by Terri Anne Browning☆☆

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Book: The Rocker Who Shatters Me                         Series: The Rocker Series
Author: Terri Anne Browning
Release Date: December 1st
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Rocker
Reviewer: Nikki
Stars (Os): OOOOO

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At the tender age of 18. Harper became the east coast assistant to Emmie, and learned the ins and outs of managing Hard Rock bands. Little did she know the hardest part of her job would be protecting her heart from being shattered. Would giving her heart to the sexy as sin drummer from OtherWorld prove to be a fool’s bet?

Devlin fought his attraction to Harper as long as he could. Not more than a few years older than his son, Harper was too young and innocent to be tainted by his hard rockin ways. But damn, those gray blue eyes, that sexy as sin curvy body, smart mouth and that long silky hair had him crazy for her.

Knowing Dev was into Harper his best bud and band brother Zander, gets him to take a bet to see who can bed the young beauty first.  Yeah, it started out as no more that a wager, but Dev’s heart wasn’t  as impenetrable as he thought. Harper quickly  became as important to him as breathing, but of course,  he would never admit it to her or anyone else.

Once Harper finds out about the bet, her heart is shattered, along with her trust in Dev and Z. Though she’s been devastated by their perceived betrayal, giving up her job as their  manager is not an option. This is the  one thing in her life that keeps her fulfilled. She will just have to find a way to coexist with the men who tore her heart out and used it as a play thing.

After  months of ignoring Dev, Harper is forced into a social setting with him. One look into his aquamarine eyes and she lost to him. Coming together for one night of passion will change everything, but will it change for the better. Or will their draw to one another shatter what’s left of their hearts?

As with all of the previous books in the Rocker Series, Terri has done a superb job of incorporating all of the main players, while not detracting from the leads in the current story. I enjoyed the addition of Dev’s son Harris and Harper’s sister Jenna, but now I can’t wait to find out what is in store for the youngest in the series. Will Harris end up with his heart’s desire? Does Jenna have a love story with a rocker chick? Please Terri, don’t make us wait too long.

If, like me, you are a sucker for long haired bad boy rockers and the chicks that love them, you will totally dig this book. Pick up a copy and lose yourself in OtherWorld!

**I was given an ARC for an honest review.

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**I was given an ARC for an honest review.

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