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Book: Nikolas
Series: The Stone Society, Book 5
Author: Faith Gibson
Genre: Paranormal
Reviewer: Nikki K
Stars: 5 Stars

Book 5 in The Stone Society is a mixture of action, adventure, a crazy camel, comedy, and of course, hot sex.


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Nikolas Stone might not have the most exciting job in the Stone Society, but it is one of the most important. As archivist, he is the keeper of all things Gargoyle. When Nik uncovers the truth about Gargoyles being able to mate with humans, he not only saves his species, he also stumbles upon his own mate. Sophia Brooks is the cute librarian who helped Nik gather his research about the Gargoyle who first mated with humans. When Nik goes back to the library to see Sophia, she has left him a note and disappeared.
Sophia Brooks waited 3 years for Nikolas Stone to figure out who she is. Just when a life with her mate is finally within her grasp, her parents have been kidnapped. Sophia races off to Egypt to find them, praying that the secrets in those ancient tombs will lead her to her family. If only she wasn’t leaving behind her dream of being with the hot Gargoyle.

Nik has a different plan. His mate will not be alone in this, or anything else, ever again. Nik travels to Egypt to locate Sophia and her missing parents


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Nikolas is Book 5 in the Stone Society and I have to say it’s the most fun.

Living his life ostensibly alone, Nikolas Stone is beyond curious about his own mate. Their first meeting at the library left him confused (as well as physically ill), but later when he realizes what he felt was the pull to his mate, the mate bond, nothing would stand in his way being with her.

Sophia knows Nikolas is her mate, but their time together will have to wait until she finds her missing parents. Leaving him a note at the library, she sets off on her journey to Egypt, but not before she packs her bag of tricks. As the grand daughter of Jonas Montague, a Gargoyle from the original line and Caroline a human, Sophia (like her cousin Tessa) is a half-blood.

She has spent her life learning at Jonas’ side. Combine that with her years of, let’s say watching Tessa, and she’s learned a thing or two about how to protect herself and being unseen when needed. These skills will help her to remain one step ahead of the people who have kidnapped her parents as well as her mate, Nikolas.

Once Nikolas receives the curious note left behind by Sophia he makes it his mission to find her. He’s only just realized she is his mate and he will not lose her! Following her trail to Egypt, Nikolas finds himself in the middle of the desert. How does one cross a desert you ask? Ah, well this is where I tell you that you must read the book to find out.

As Sophia is left clues and follows leads, she encounters a variety of interesting, sometimes annoying and often dangerous characters. Nothing will deter her from her missing not even the intense feeling she gets when Nikolas is near, the mate bond.

This fifth installment in the Stone Society had me laughing at loud and cheering for Nik and Sophia. I absolutely adore Sophia, the smart and sassy half-blood. And oh damn, Nikolas is one sexy and fun Gargoyle. When these two finally get together fangs appear, the heat rises. Their mate bond takes the sexy factor to new heights and caused my own need for sexual satisfaction. This couple is sure to cause a rise in battery sales the month of the books release.

This story is a bit different then the previous four and I give high praise to Faith Gibson for all of the research and imagination that went into the writing of Nikolas. With all of the characters introduced throughout the series (and even more in this book), Faith has managed to tie all of their past story lines seamlessly to Nikolas.

Weather you are a hardcore paranormal or contemporary romance fan matters not in this book, there is plenty of fun, sexy, action and adventure for all readers. I know that each time I read a book from the Stone Society Series I say this is my new favorite but I can’t help it. Faith Gibson writes each new book with originality, yet keeps to the spirit of the series. I very happily recommend Nikolas to anyone wanting a good read guaranteed to put a smile on their face and maybe even jump start their libido.

Without a doubt I give Nikolas 5 Stars.

*I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, and I enjoyed it so much I paid full price for an eBook the day of it’s release.


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