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Reflecting Roni 3D Cover

Reflecting Roni 

Beauty in the Darkness book 3
By Brooke Lee
Genre: Erotic Suspense
Release Date: May 27, 2017

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Bad Choices
Too trusting

These are all words that describe the old me.

The mistakes I made over a decade ago still haunt my subconscious. I’ve tried to keep my past buried, but every time I see the darkness in my best friend Shelby’s eyes, my heart breaks all over again.


These are words that describe me today.

Looking in the mirror, I see a sexy, confident and successful woman reflected back at me. I’ve found a man that not only fulfills my carnal desires, but one who is quickly filling the empty space in my heart. With both Kyle and Shelby by my side, my life is nearly perfect.
Perfect until one of the biggest mistakes of my life strolls back into town, bringing with him all of the darkness from my past.

I am Roni Monroe and this is my story.

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Tanya Rae’s 5 Star Review

I really should have known you had it in you to write really good books! I have known Brooke Lee for a little while now and she is so good at a lot of things so I knew that she would be able to write stories that would draw you in and not let go until you finish reading the story oh and did I mention that this book is hawt! And, the heat starts almost from the beginning. I think some writers must have an inate ability to put words on paper and make a good story from them. Brooke Lee is one of those authors.

I loved Reflecting Roni! This is Book # 3 in the Beauty in the Darkness series. There is Romance. Mixed in with erotica and suspense!

Reflecting Roni is of course Roni’s story. Roni is Shelby’s BEST FRIEND and she was in Book 1 I am ShelbyJames. Roni and Shelby are still best friends and I may be a little jealous of their relationship. Everyone needs friends like these 2 women. They laugh together, are protective of each other and they cry together.
I loved this book and hope others will too.

I give Reflecting Roni 5 stars. I can’t wait to see what Brooke Lee has up her sleeve next. I know I will be anxiously waiting for it.

Lita T’s 5 Star Review

Reflecting Roni (Beauty in the Darkness Book 3) by Brooke Lee Roni and Shelby have been soul mates and friends for a very long time. The have had some bad times and some good times. They have even had some kinky times together. If you have not read book one I am Shelby please do but if not it is ok. I was blown away at the first book but this book took it to another level. Roni has always had issues when it came to relationships and when a guy from her past shows up we learn what not only Roni endured at the hands of this guy but what happened to Shelby as well. This was a story that took me through the paces emotionally. I laughed, I cried, I got mad as heck and I even got a little hot a bothered heck I got hot and bothered a lot. I was drawn into this story and felt a connection to the characters. We have all made mistakes in our younger days that have had an emotional effect on our older selves. The mix of the author telling the story with some deep poetry thrown in added another layer to an already good story and the sex was hot as hell to boot. I voluntarily read an Advanced Copy of this book. It gets 5 stars. I look forward to the next book by this author. She has a real ability to tell not only a good story of substance but a story with some hot sex.

received_1832411227077313Brooke Lee Author Bio
Growing up, Brooke’s mother instilled a deep respect for the English language and a love of words. She taught Brooke to read and write and shared her appreciation for poetry. As a teen, poetry became an outlet for Brooke’s innermost thoughts and deepest, often times darkest feelings.
In school, teachers always told her “write what you know”, so that is what she did. At the not so tender age of forty-three, she started to write her first novel, I Am ShelbyJames (Beauty in the Darkness) and it is what she knows—emotions.
In her spare time—when she’s not writing—you can find Brooke cuddled on the couch with her husband of 20+ years, their fur babies, and a good (often naughty) eBook—unless of course she’s having cocktails with her Bestie at one of their favorite haunts.

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