☆✦ We are beyond excited to reveal the new cover for Without Truth, Babylon book #3, to be released soon by our friends Victoria L. James and L. J. Stock ✦☆ #Victoria L. James and #L.J. Stock.#COMINGSOON #LIKE #COMMENT #SHARE #COVERREVEAL #WithoutTruthBabylon

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It’s been a long time coming, but it sure has been worth the wait! If you haven’t yet met The Hounds of Babylon MC or Drew Tucker and Ayda Hanagan, it’s never too late. Book 1 is on sale right now for just £/$0.99 for a limited time only. What are you waiting for?

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Without Consequence: myBook.to/WithoutConsequence

Without Mercy: myBook.to/WithoutMercyBabylon

Without Truth: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36186926-without-truth


Authors Victoria L. James and L. J. Stock Without Truth_VLJS_Final_eBookBlog9.11.17


Determined to be a better man, Drew Tucker is trying to turn over a new leaf as President of The Hounds of Babylon. With the love of his life, Ayda Hanagan, by his side, and the enemy he once feared at every turn now gone, he can finally see a glimmer of hope on the horizon of their future together.

With Ayda as adamant as ever to never witness her man suffering again, she has a different outlook on their lives. She wants protection. She wants assurances. She never wants to have to feel scared of losing the man she loves ever again. And she’s willing to do anything to make sure she’s the one who can save him.

But secrets don’t stay secrets forever in Babylon, and when things done in the shadows begin to step out into the light, Drew and Ayda are faced with a hundred different challenges neither one of them see coming. When everything around you begins to turn your hopes into nightmares, who the hell can you turn to or trust?

Lies are no longer an option.

Not for Drew.

Not for Ayda.

Not for any of The Hounds of Babylon MC.

No matter what happens when the truth is finally set free…

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