★☾ NATEXUS SERIES BY VICTORIA L. JAMES REBRAND AND NEW NOVELLA (RELEASE 8TH DECEMBER) ‘NIGHT AND DAY’ COVER REVEAL ☾★ I have my copy pre-ordered! @Victoria_LJames @bnwauthorservices #Free #Comment #Like #Share #NightAndDayNatexus

Victoria L. James night and day CR_Banner 12.8.17
 Victoria L. James Night-and-Day-Kindle 12.7.17
We are SO excited to show you these stunning new covers that Victoria L. James has chosen to represent the Natexus Series. LOOK AT THEM! Look at them! If you love your angst-filled, second-chance, friends to lovers romances, trust us… these stories are for you!
As always, fantastic cover design and graphics by Lou J Stock of LJ Designs.

New covers available now, including the new, exclusive cover reveal for next week’s release of the Night and Day novella. You know what that means. MORE MARCUS! *swoon*


Four times a night, I’d wake to kiss her to make sure she was still with me, and every time I brushed my lips to hers, she sighed softly and smiled in her sleep, making me feel more content than I’d ever felt in my life. My first loves had been removed from that special place in my heart, meaning she had full ownership of my mind, my love, and most importantly, my body.

Happiness became my new best friend, no matter how much I refused to believe it. Everything made me feel alive. Everything shone so damn bright with my personal sunshine walking beside me.

But happiness is always temporary. The girl the whole world wanted now only wanted me.

We didn’t know that our new lives together would lure out the snakes from our pasts. Our futures were no longer certain, but I wasn’t willing to give up on her. On us.

Not all men are like me. I’m Marcus goddamn Anderson.

The damaged. The healed. The lover. The one who never quits.

And I had a woman to protect.

That beautiful, unexpected, thrilling, surprise love of mine.

– Marcus Anderson


Download your copies today. All #Free in Kindle Unlimited.

Victoria L. James The Natexus Series promo 12.8.17

Natexus ➤ mybook.to/Natexus
Victoria L. James Natexus-Kindle 12.8.17
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Victoria L. James All-The-Way-Kindle 12.8.17
Victoria L. James Marcus-Kindle 12.8.17

Night and Day ➤ mybook.to/NightandDayNatexus

Victoria L. James Night-and-Day-Kindle 12.7.17

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