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Title: Conceited
Series: Crimson Elite Book 3
Author: T.L. Smith
Genre: Romance (standalone)

Release Date: April 16, 2019


I would like to say we were old lovers. That once upon a time he was my everything, and I was his, but that would be a lie. He may have been mine, but I wasn’t his. I was his sister’s annoying little friend who he didn’t even know was in love with him.
Years later, after seeing him again for the first time, nothing has changed. Except now he notices me, and I will do everything in my power to avoid him. Because Falcon is the most conceited man on this planet, and because when he looks at me with steel eyes, my heart still misses a beat.
I get what I want, and I’m never denied anything either. It’s my charm. It’s hard to say no to something you never knew you desired until I’m standing in front of you. That’s not just who I am, it’s what I do. I help men achieve everything they have ever wanted.
Most people would go to great lengths to be near me. Yet, my sweet Ariel, I can’t even get her to stay in the same room as me. Maybe it’s because I told her I would be the best lay of her life—that has to be it—and once I’m finished with her, she’s avoiding being disappointed by every other man for the rest of her life.

It couldn’t possibly be anything else, because let’s face it, I’m perfect.

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Conceited  (Crimson Elite, #3)Conceited by T.L. Smith

Tanya Rae’s rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Conceited is the third book in the Crimson Elite Series and can be read as a standalone but as someone else said your reading would be “enhanced” by reading the other books in this series

Yes, Falcon is conceited. He knows who he is and he knows how to use it. He hasn’t ever had to work to get a woman before but Ariel makes him. They have known each other for a while now since Tracey his sister is BFF’s with Ariel.

Ariel doesn’t want to have anything to do with Falcon for an incident that happened when they were younger however, she has been crushing on Falcon for a long time.

T.L. Smith had me laughing at one point and yet this is not a rom-com. It does have a dark side to it.

I highly recommend Crimson Elite Series and I am addicted to this hot, sexy, romantic suspense filled series.

Just in case you want to know this is the reading order and who is the lead character for each book.

Cavalier – Christopher Creed & Elicia Beckham – Creed is the recruiter of women for the Crimson Elite sex club.

Anguished – Echo & Storm – Echo tracks anything and everything there is to find on a person

Conceited – Falcon & Ariel – Falcon gives the stamp of approval for a man to gain entrance to the club

Darby is the main owner of Crimson Elite club and his book is next, Insolent and I can’t wait.

I am anxiously awaiting Insolent, Darby’s story. 4.5 stars for Conceited.

Lita T’s Review: 4 Stars

Conceited (Crimson Elite #3) by T.L Smith Falcon is the playboy of the bunch. He doesn’t sleep with the same woman twice. He loves his job and he loves all the women who he comes across. All that seems to have changed since he ran across his sister’s best friend. Ariel has had a crush on her best friend’s brother since she was a teenager. Now she still has a thing for him but knows he is a manwhore. Ariel aka Raven has always been on Falcon’s radar but she was to young back then. Now Raven is all grown up and Falcon wants a taste of her. He has never worked so hard to get a woman. Heck they usually fall at his feet. This is a cat and mouse story with a twist. Ariel is a reporter and the story she is following can be detrimental not only to Falcon but to her as well. A cute story. This story was not as good as the previous books but I enjoyed the story and catching up with all the other cast of characters . I was worried as to how the author was going to end the story but I was pleasantly surprised. There is one more owner of the club and we got a taste of his story. Really looking forward to Darby’s story. 4 star read for Falcon’s story.




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