Izzy & Ethan’s story is happening! The Only Exception (A Road to Wonderland Story #5) by Authors Victoria L. James & L.J. Stock! Releases on 31st January 2020. @Victoria_LJames @L_J_Stock @BareNakedWords #Comment #Share #Like #Free #KindleUnlimited #KU

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Izzy & Ethan’s story is happening!

Title: The Only Exception (A Road to Wonderland Story #5)

Authors: Victoria L. James & L.J. Stock

Release Date: 31st January 2020

Cover Design: LJ Designs

Promotions: Bare Naked Words

Pre-order mybook.to/theonlyexception

Fans of Wonderland, if you’ve read The Trouble with Izzy and/or A Fight for Ethan, you do NOT want to miss this. Coming on 31st January, we have Izzy and Ethan’s love story unfolding. You are not ready for this epic romance. It’s one of our favourite releases to date and we are so excited to share it with the world. FINALLY!

This could be read as a standalone, but in order to fully understand their history and backstory, we strongly, strongly advise reading The Trouble with Izzy and/or A Fight for Ethan first, both of which are available for #FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

Add The Only Exception to Goodreads here: https://www.goodreads.com//show/50362097-the-only-exception



返 攻劾 拎 突 劾劾拎, 返 毋返♀ ♀ .Fifteen years Id spent pining for her, and I thought Id messed it up.

休毋 ♀ 突 ♀ 拎毋毋 毋 h 拎 拎h休 拎 h 毋毋攻劾拎.

I went to her, faster than lightning, desperate to taste her kiss.

突拎 拎 h 毋♀ 唐休拎毋, 劾休拎 ♀ 拎 ♀ 劾.

She offered me her trust, and I took it in my hands, desperate to hold on tight.

h h 恫攻氣拎.

Id do anything for her.

h h 突♀劾 攻.

I wanted to be in all her fantasies.

拎攻毋返♀ ♀毋毋 ♀ h h劾拎 劾♀休休 突 返劾 毋 .

I was born again with her, no longer the recovering addict. No longer a mistake.

毋拎, 突 h ♀恫.

Together, we learned how to live.

攻拎 h 毋突 毋攻♀, 突 拎 攻 毋 h 突毋攻♀.

She made me believe in our story. She made me want to rewrite my own.

踢返 拎’ 拎 拎 毋返 ♀毋恫…

We forgot to keep our eyes open to the things around us.

毋 劾♀毋休休.

We made mistakes.

休劾 h 毋, 劾休攻拎 拎 攻 返 毋突 拎 攻拎.

Just when I thought I was winning, I was forced to fight again.

毋劾 毋劾拎 突 毋 拎 ♀.

Those ghosts underestimated my love for Izzy Moffit.

毋拎, 突 拎 攻 毋返 突攻毋. 毋拎, 突 拎 劾返攻恫恫 拎.She had no idea what I was willing to do, who I used to be, and what I was capable of when it came to protecting those I loved. She had no idea the lengths Id go to to give her a happy ever after. My girl had no idea at all.

Read The Trouble With Izzy mybook.to/IzzyMoffit

Read A Fight for Ethan mybook.to/EthanWalker

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