๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ HOT NEW RELEASE ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ Making You Mine by New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster is LIVE! One-click today!! Checkout Lita T’s Review! @Melissa_Foster @Danichez75


Making You Mine by New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster is LIVE! One-click today!!


Knox Bentley never liked the pomp and circumstance that came with being wealthy. Heโ€™d distanced himself from his pretentious family and their fortune as a young adult and found his own path to success. But even with the world at his fingertips, he realizes something is missing, and after a long stay overseas, he finally knows exactly what it is. His no-strings-attached hookups with Aubrey Stewart, an exquisite and stubbornly independent blonde, are no longer enough for him. They connect on every level, but Aubrey is a fierce businesswoman with a new movie channel on the horizon and no time for much else. She is the deal he canโ€™t close, the precious jewel even his billions canโ€™t buy. Now that heโ€™s back in the States, heโ€™s determined to show her that what they have goes beyond the bedroom and finally make her his.

You may have met LWW Enterprises billionaire Aubrey Stewart in ANYTHING FOR LOVE, and her friends-with-benefits lover (Graham Bradenโ€™s business partner), Knox Bentley, in TRAILS OF LOVE. If not, donโ€™t worry! Like all of my books, their story may be enjoyed as a standalone! Buckle up and enjoy the wildly romantic, fantastically fun, ride!

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Lita T’s Review:


Making You Mine (Love in Bloom #73, The Bradens #29, The Bradens & Montgomerys: Pleasant Hill – Oak Falls #5) by Melissa Foster is about Knox Bentley and Aubrey Stewart. Knox and Aubrey hook up when ever they are at the same event. Knox and Aubrey love the incredible sex when they are together but because of their jobs and lifestyles, a relationship hasn’t been in the cards till now. Knox wants more from Aubrey. She is the absolute perfect woman for him and the incredible sex is a plus. He just needs to convince Aubrey to give him a chance. Aubrey has climbed to the top of the male dominated world and she doesn’t want to take her eye off the prize. A relationship is definitely one that she doesn’t have time for. Regardless how incredible the sex is she isn’t sure she want to take her and Knox’s situation to the next level. This is their story. I truly enjoy this author’s stories. She always takes me on a pleasurable journey of love with a healthy dose of really hot sex. I was not disappointed. I especially enjoy catching up with the many characters in her books. I still need a spreadsheet to see all the different degrees of separation between them all. Despite me having to rack my brain to remember everyone and how they are related or know each other, I cant get enough. I look forward to the next book regardless who it might be, which family or place. 4 stars for me.


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Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance and new adult romance with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Melissaโ€™s emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family orientedโ€“perfect beach reads for contemporary romance lovers who enjoy reading about wealthy heroes and smart, sassy heroines.



Website: http://www.melissafoster.com/

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