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Take It All Off by Weston Parker is #LIVE! One-click today!


I got my big break in an Italian strip club.

I’m not even kidding.

All I’ve wanted was to travel the world and have enough money to do it.

Simple, right? Wrong.

Florence has become a second home to me.

I’m in love with the city and everything it has to offer, but it hasn’t really loved me back.

Making enough money to travel isn’t an issue when you don’t even have enough to make rent.

But then I meet a sexy, mysterious man.

Yes, in a strip club.

Crazier than that, he offers me a job.

I can even keep my clothes on in this one.

It’d be crazy to refuse him. Even if being attracted to one’s boss can never be a good idea.

One little snag: he thinks I’m gay.

I’m not, as he comes to find out.

Marco and I work well together, and we play well together. But we can’t be together, not really.

Because Florence is my second home, but it’s not my home.

Italian mothers aren’t like American mothers, and this little snag isn’t going to be as easy to clear up.

Neither is going to be explaining not one, but two little heartbeats that just popped up on the doctor’s monitor.

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Review - TaSTy WordGasms Profile (1).png copy

Lita T’s Review: 4 stars

Take it Off by Weston Parker. Adaline loves living in Italy. She works at a restaurant where she loves her customers but her boss is a butt head. When she end up getting fired she finds herself working where her roommate strips. While catching her breath serving drinks she meets a good looking guy. In a preemptive strike she tells the guy she is a lesbian. Strip clubs are not his thing but Marco brought his clients there to celebrate. Sitting in a secluded corner he meets a young lady who is not only attractive but is intelligent. Offering her a job Marco is highly impressed when he gets to work and she is waiting. As they start working together her little lie of being a lesbian has been rectified. This is the beginning of an attraction they both had previously felt but now it is on and popping. There is just is one problem. Italian mothers want their Italian sons to marry Italian women and his mother is no exception in fact she is the worst. As Marco and Adaline’s working relationship grows so does their after hours relationship. When a dinner at his mother’s house goes horribly wrong Marco has a decision to make. When Adaline has to go back to the States, Marco flies with her on his jet. While in the States a surprise puts their relationship to the test. This was my first time reading this author. The synopsis for the story peaked my interest and I wasn’t disappointed. Marco and his family were very entertaining and his mother was an absolute hoot. Marco of course was the ultimate alpha and the way the author portrayed him had me wanting him for myself. A head strong independent woman always makes for a good read especially with a sassy tongue. Loved Adaline. I look forward to reading other books from this author. 4 stars.


Take it ALL OffTake it ALL Off by Weston Parker

Tanya Rae’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Take it ALL off is the first book that I have read by this author.

This is Adaline โ€œAddyโ€ Tidwell and Marco Ricciโ€™s story.

Adaline was fired from a waitress job in Italy while doing the right thing. Adaline doesnโ€™t want to leave Italy because she loves it there. So she ends up working in a strip club just to be able to pay for her to stay in Italy. She meets Marco at the strip club. He offers her a job. A real job not taking off her clothes. She takes it!

I love Addyโ€™s energy and enthusiasm with her new job. I also loved that she is a no holds barred kind of girl! She really turns out to be an asset to Marco with his company. She also turns out to be the kind of woman that Marco wants but canโ€™t have.

At first it was just about sex and OMG yes it was that kind of good! Marco is from a traditional Italian family and if mama doesnโ€™t like you then that someone probably wonโ€™t be joining the family anytime soon.

I really enjoyed reading Take it ALL off and look forward to reading more by this author. For instance Marco has a brother and he needs his story told too!


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Hey there. I’m Weston.

Have we met? No? Well itโ€™s time to end that tragedy.

I’m a former firefighter/EMS guy who’s picked up the proverbial pen and started writing bad boy romance stories. I co-write with my sister, Ali Parker, but live in Texas with my wife, my two little boys, a dog and a turtle.

Yep. A turtle. You read that right. Donโ€™t be jealous.

You’re going to find Billionaires, Bad Boys, Military Guys and loads of sexiness. Something for everyone, hopefully.


Website: www.westonparkerbooks.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thewestonparker

Facebook: https://facebook.com/WestonParkerAuthor/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/weston_parker_author/

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