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“A gut wrenching, angsty story that will break your heart and then put it back together and melt it, all at the same time.”
–Helena Hunting, New York Times bestselling author


Drowning in Stars, an all-new emotionally gripping and beautifully written mature YA romance from Debra Anastasia is available now!

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… he walked a tightrope five stories up just to hold my hand.

Gaze: I moved into the building next to Pixie when I was eleven. She blew bubbles through my window. I shot my Nerf gun through hers. We both had secrets, but one of us was fated to get hurt. I wanted it to be me.

Pixie: When I was afraid of the dark, he would shine a light in my window. We shared our popsicles and I taught him how to get a good swing on the playground. I never imagined I’d have to decide who got to live and who didn’t. I chose him –and he could never know.

She walked a tightrope five stories up just to save my life…


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Bettina A’s Review: 5 STARS

OMG! I love love love this book. There is so much I want to say about this book but I don’t want to spoil it for others. Finally a book where the heroine is not a damsel in distress. Gaze was the new kid in the neighborhood and Pixie protected him when others tries to bully him. Pixie and Gaze’s home life was horrible. She was his support when he needed someone and Gaze was hers in return. They looked out for each other and was always there for each other. Summer filled with adventures together. Home life seemed to get worse and one day Pixie had to make a hard decision, her life or Gaze’s life. After that everything change for the both of them. Life wasn’t the same, Pixie and Gaze weren’t the same kids they last remembered. This book touches on a major issue the many people face today. I am just happy at how this book ended. I will most definitely recommend this book to others.


Lita T’s Review: 4.5 Stars

Drawing in Stars by Debra Anastasia ia the tale of Gaze and Pixie two damaged kids who do the best they can to keep each other alive. Pixie was a street smart kid that was left to fin for herself till Gaze moved into the building next door. Gaze was dealing with an alcoholic father who abused him just as much as he did alcohol. When he is almost beat to death his relationship with Pixie gets severed until something happens that bring them back years later. Now instead of Pixie saving him he is saving her. I was looking forward to reading this book. I hadn’t read this author since her Poughkeepsie series which l loved. For those who have read the series we got a special treat when she gave a shout out to it. I missed the way this author tells a story. Loved Gaze and Pixie. A real sweet story of enduring friendship and love. Gaze is everything. I would love a book about their life after this. 4.5 stars for me.


Meet Debra

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Debra creates pretend people in her head and paints them on the giant, beautiful canvas of your imagination. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in political science and writes new adult angst and romantic comedies. She lives in Maryland with her husband and two amazing children.


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