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Release Date: September 29


I’ve always been a control freak. But he makes me crave submission…
Working for a hotel heiress and social media influencer may not be my dream job, but at least it allows me time to do what I really love—take photographs. Pretty good for a wholesome farm girl from Kansas trying to make it in Boston. Life may not be easy working for a diva, but at least I know what to expect.
Until blue-collar billionaire Braden Black strides into the office. He’s beyond handsome and sexy, but also domineering with a definite hard edge. I’m not sure why he’s interested in me, but within a few weeks, he’s showing me a world I never knew existed.
He’s opened up a side of me I can only face in the dark, and it’s quickly becoming an obsession. How can I give up something this addictive—even if his secrets could ultimately destroy me?
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Lita T’s Review: 4.5 STARS

Follow Me Darkly (Follow Me# 1) by Helen Hardt is the story about Skye Montgomery. She is an aspiring photographer who is the personal assistant to social media influencer Addison Ames. When an old friend of Addison visits the office Skye is instantly smitten with billionaire eligible bachelor Braden Black. When Braden takes Skye out for a bite to eat, soon into the the meal he tells her he wants to take her to bed. What starts out as a reluctant one night stands eventually morphs into her becoming his girlfriend. As things get hotter between them so do the thing they do in the bedroom. As a control freak Skye is not only concern with why he would want her but what happened between Addison and Braden. It has been awhile since I have read anything from this author. I really loved her Blood Bond Saga series. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed this author’s storytelling style till I was into this book. I didn’t get much sleep. I couldn’t put it down. I liked the characters. The chemistry between Skye and Braden is hot got hot. A man of mystery always gets my attention. Braden definitely has some ghost and secrets in his closet. Trying to uncover them is something Skye wants to do and so do I. Skye is discovering she has a dark and kinky side however how far will she allow Braden to go before all hell breaks loose. I can’t wait to find out. 4.5 stars for me. This book has left we salivating for more.

Follow Me DarklyFollow Me Darkly by Helen Hardt
Tanya Rae’s Review: 4.5 Stars
Follow Me Darkly is the first book in the Follow Me Series. This is Braden Black’s & Skye Montgomery’s story. Skye works for Addison Ames who is a social media influencer as Addison’s PA and photographer. Braden is a “self-made” billionaire playboy who visits Addison’s office and meets Skye. He asks Skye out to dinner and then he is very direct and tells her that he wants to take her to bed.

Braden takes Skye down a dark path. Skye becomes attracted to the dark side of Braden.

I loved the chemistry that Skye and Braden have. It is super sexy and this book gets pretty hot! There is a mystery to solve because Follow Me Darkly ends on a cliffhanger. Not a jaw dropping cliffhanger but more of an anticipation type of cliffhanger.

This is my favorite genre to read. A little dark and a little of a BDSM theme. I loved this story and I can’t wait until January when the next book will hopefully be out! 4.5 Stars

Meet Helen Hardt



#1 New York Times, #1 USA Today, and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author Helen Hardt’s passion for the written word began with the books her mother read to her at bedtime. She wrote her first story at age six and hasn’t stopped since. 


In addition to being an award-winning author of romantic fiction, she’s a mother, an attorney, a black belt in Taekwondo, a grammar geek, an appreciator of fine red wine, and a lover of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. 


She writes from her home in Colorado, where she lives with her family. Helen loves to hear from readers.


Visit her here: https://www.facebook.com/HelenHardt



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