Wreaking Havyk, Book 4 in the Hounds of Zeus MC

He’s the youngest biker mercenary in their Gryphon family.

She’s a young mother whoโ€™d do anything to protect her son.

Hayden โ€œHavykโ€ Lazlo, youngest of the Lazlo brood, is finding his feet in the family mercenary business. The jobs he has taken so far have been cut and dried. This one? Not so much. When heโ€™s tasked with taking out a drug lord and his wife, Hayden finds himself unwilling to complete the job.

Mercedes โ€œSadieโ€ Alvarez, wife of a notorious drug lord, was offered to the man as payment from her father. If it wasnโ€™t for her son, she would have given up long ago. But Mateo didnโ€™t ask to be brought into this world, and Sadie refuses to leave him alone with no one to protect him.

As Hayden closes in on his mark, both he and Sadie are caught in a deadly game of hide and seek. He has to rely on his Gryphon as well as his Hound brothers to keep them both alive.

Wreaking Havyk is written to be read as a standalone, but many readers prefer to read the series in order.ย  The Hounds of Zeus MC is a spin-off/crossover of The Stone Society Series and might contain spoilers if read before Tamian, Book 11.

Where to buy:
Amazon: https://bit.ly/WreakingHavyk

Barnes & Noble: https://bit.ly/wreakinghavykbn

Kobo: https://bit.ly/wreakinghavykkobo

iBooks: https://bit.ly/wreakinghavykib

Lita T’s Review: 4.5 Stars

Wreaking Havyk (The Hounds of Zeus Book 4) by Faith Gibson. As the youngest brother his job has been making custom designer bikes. He is quite good at what he does. Now he wants to get more involved with the family business. His first big job has him taking out a drug dealer and his wife. Once again this author does what she does best. She writes stories about characters I could care less about but end up loving not only the characters but their story too.ย  When scoping out his marks he discovers the wife doesn’t fit. Havyk doesn’t see a reason to kill her. As he takes a closer look at her, he comes to see that she is tied to him in several different ways. While he puts all the pieces together and discovers the secrets and deception, we the reader are taken on a fabulous journey. As with this author’s other books we get to see and catch up with other characters from her other books. I can’t get enough of this author’s storytelling abilities.ย  Anytime she comes out with a new book I am on it. Not everyone is into shifters that are different than the regular. This is not a regular author. Another enjoyable story for me. Looking forward to the next book. 4.5 stars for me.


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