Maleficium by Natalie Bennett is ᗩᐯᗩꭵᒪᗩ𝔹ᒪᗴ ᑎᗝW! Also available in ᛕꭵᑎᗪᒪᗴ Uᑎᒪꭵᗰꭵ𝕋ᗴᗪ! ᖇᗴᗩᗪ Lita’s ᗷᗝᗝᛕ ᖇᗴᐯꭵᗴW! ᗝᑎᗴ ᑕᒪꭵᑕᛕ 𝕋ᗝᗪᗩƴ!

Title: Maleficium: Duo
Series: Devil’s Playground #2
Author: Natalie Bennett
Genre: Dark New Adult Romance
Release Date: June 16, 2021
Tragic and Twisted Fall Apart…
Ave Satanas worship or perish.
The reckoning has begun.
In the Devil’s Playground morals have vanished, demons run rampant, and the death toll is rising.
The price of freedom looms closer than before, simply crown the king, claim a queen, and make idle work of the damned.
One will perish.
Bounties will be placed.
The devil wants his due, and one little Serpine is exactly who he’s been waiting for.
The puppet dances as long as her strings are pulled.



Lita’s Book Review:  
Maleficium: Duo (Devil’s Playground # 2) by Natalie Bennett is the next adventure for Liliana and the crew. This time her and the girls are drugged and separated. When Liliana wakes up she is alone and is determined to find her friends. She finds herself in a new place and she knows the game is continuing. After the last book she is left not only reeling from seeing her family’s involvement in what has happened to her but the fact she is in the midst of another game. Left with so many questions and lost memories, Liliana is more determined than ever to survive this game and get her answers. New players are introduced and as she tries to find her friends, she now has to solve the riddle of how she knows these people and why are they here too. Of course I liked her as she tries to stay alive. The story had me wondering how she knew these people and how did she forget her connection with them. To boot too is her feelings with dealing with her draw to Ciaran, is he a good guy or a bad guy and how does he fit into the founding families.  Alot of bread crumbs were dropped and I am curious as to what the end will bring. I do have to mention that a lot of time has passed between the first book and this one. The release date had changed several times which was frustrating. That is a sad fact considering I really like this author and the sick, dark and demented stories she writes. I always end up questioning my sanity because of how much I enjoy the carnage and mayhem. Hopefully the author can get herself together and meet all her expected due dates going forward. I give this story 3.5 stars.




With a penchant for (writing) villainous immoral men, and a tendency to deviate away from traditional happily ever afters, Natalie Bennett is an international bestselling author of twisted and unconventional love stories.
When she’s not slaying words she’s somewhere in the sunshine state, happily taking life one curve-ball at a time.





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