ᑎEᗯ ᖇEᒪEᗩᔕE! Kept Bride, a dark psychological thriller romance by Alta Hensley. ᑕℍᗴᑕᛕ ᗝU𝕋 Bettina’s, Tanya’s and Lita’s ᗷᗝᗝᛕ ᖇᗴᐯꭵᗴW! ᗝᑎᗴ ᑕᒪꭵᑕᛕ 𝕋ᗝᗪᗩƴ!!! Instagram @altahensley | Facebook @AltaHensleyAuthor | Twitter @AltaHensley @GiveMeBooksPR.

Title: Kept Bride
Series: Secret Bride #2
Author: Alta Hensley
Genre: Contemporary Dark Romance
Psychological Thriller
Release Date: July 6, 2021

My history is forbidden.
My story, dark and twisted.
My future decided.
I know I don’t belong in this decadent world—his world.
Money, power, and dark secrets surround me now.
I submit to it all to be his perfect obedient wife.
They stalk my every move, watching me, judging me.
I’m in the same prison just with different guards.
But all I care about is him.
His eyes, his touch, his hold over me.
I’m forever his kept bride, even though they all try to steal me away.

Bettina’s Book Review: 5 STARS

Kept Bride continues where Captive Bride stopped. Ember and Christopher try to start their life after captivity. This proved to be more difficult then they expected. Christopher is happy to try and get life back to “normal” and help Ember adjust to the outside world, while Ember is struggling to keep her head above water. It’s hard to know who is really a friend or foe. Will They be able to find the snakes in the grass or will Ember and Christopher fall under the pressure of it all?

Wow!!! This book was crazy!! My heart broke for Ember. She literally has no one but Christopher and while he says he cares for her, his actions says differently. All I could do was shake my head and watch the train wreck. Just when I think it couldn’t get worse for Ember, of course it does! Sigh. Poor girl! Christopher better do something major to redeem himself to get back on my and Ember good graces! This of course ended on another cliffhanger! Sigh. Looking forward to the next book!
Kept Bride: A Dark Romance (The Secret Bride Book 2)Kept Bride: A Dark Romance by Alta Hensley
Tanya’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh D*mn, I knew there would be a cliffhanger. This is the middle book and the first book ended on one. It still doesn’t help.

At any rate Christopher and Ember’s story continues. There were many times I wanted to shout at Ember because she is so naive and also holding on to things that happen in order to not burden Christopher but she needs to tell him!!!

Then there is NOTHING nice about Christopher’s mother! Christopher is caught in the middle and he is just trying to survive.

I wrote in my review for Captive Bride that I was chomping at the bit for this book. Well now I am chomping at the bit for Taken Bride. Coming out in September. I can’t wait! 5 Stars for this book!

Lita’s Book Review: 4.5 Stars

Kept Bride: A Dark Romance (The Secret Bride #2) by Alta Hensley picks up with Christopher and Ember being rescued. Now Ember is going to New York with Christopher. The town they burned down is all she has ever known and the school house was her sanctuary. She is scared and is out of her element. Christopher has promised to take care of her. He has assured her he is still her husband and she is still his wife. However not everyone is so thrilled with this arrangement. With no place to live they find themselves in hostile territory living with Christopher’s mother. She thinks her son is crazy for saying his marriage to Ember is real. She also feels Ember is beneath her family’s social standing in high society. And to add insult to injury Ember’s father did kidnap Christopher and forced him to marry her so that doesn’t help. The mother makes her feelings known and has no problem making Ember’s life a living hell. While Ember is feeling like a fish out of water, Christopher is trying to go back to work to provide for his family. Mind you he doesn’t have to work and is filthy rich. I have to say I was not happy with this book. I was mad by the time I got to the last page. That mother made we want to ring her neck and Christopher’s neck too. Now I have to wait to read the conclusion to this story. So looking forward to see how this story will be resolved and if Ember will find her peace. Everyone else can kick rocks as far as I am concerned. Eventhough I am mad at Christopher at the moment I hope he can redeem himself. I love Ember and Christopher. Her discovering who she is as a sexual woman is quite the treat and is down right hot and kinky at times. Despite my being so mad at the conclusion of this story I still give it 4.5 stars. I knew something was going to happen I wouldn’t like, I just didn’t think it was that. Good job Alta!









Releasing September 7




USA TODAY Bestselling Author of Hot, Dark and Dirty Romance.
She is also an Amazon Top 100 bestselling author. Being a multi-published author in the romance genre, Alta is known for her dark, gritty alpha heroes, sometimes sweet love stories, hot eroticism, and engaging tales of the constant struggle between dominance and submission.


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