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It started with one lost pup; it may end in a war…

Panthers don’t do responsibility. They don’t do long-term relationships. They definitely don’t raise kids. But when Z discovers a young wolf in the forest, he takes him in, unaware of the powerful beings hunting the pup.

Fiona is a witch who can’t leave her house; the birds have told her something bad will happen, and the birds are always right. The mailbox is as far as she’ll go, but even that may provide more danger than she’s bargained for.

When a wolf pup stumbles into her garden, her safe, wrapped-up world heads for a free fall. But along with danger, the pup brings a chance at love—a chance an agoraphobic witch and a bachelor panther aren’t likely to find on their own.

Note: This title was originally published by Zoe Winters (The same person as Kitty Thomas) as The Catalyst, Preternaturals Book 3.) All content from the original book remains the same. This book can be read as a standalone. No cliffhangers, each book has a full and complete HEA.

Hunted by Kitty Thomas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hunted: Fated Mates #3 This book can be read as a standalone and is an interconnected romance. This is Fiona Patrone and Zane “Z” Trent’s story.

Fiona is a witch that has the ability to understand animals. She also has a bad case of agoraphobia. The birds told her that something bad was going to happen. She needed to make a trip to the mailbox, which was a big step for her to just leave her house. She heard a sound she couldn’t ignore. So when she found a wolf pup, he needed her help.

Z, a panther shifter jumps through her window thinking Fiona had stolen the pup and the rest of the story unfolds….

I love how Kitty Thomas has a little bit of everything fantasy/paranormal in this series. There are shapeshifters. Such as vampires, panthers, werewolves. There are also demons, witches and warlocks.

It has been great reading this series and this book Hunted. Kitty Thomas throws in all the twists and turns to keep the book(s) interesting.

Even though these stories can be read as standalones, here is the reading order.

Blood Lust #1- Anthony Burgess and Charlotte “Charlee” Devlin
Incubus Awakened #2 – Anna Worthington & Luc

Kitty Thomas wrote this book originally under the name of Zoe Winters when she was trying to separate the genre’s that she writes. Now she is trying to bring the 2 names together.

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