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Title: Well Played
Authors:ย Vi Keeland &ย Penelope Ward
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 25, 2021
Excited about Vi Keeland & Penelope Wardโ€™s upcoming release, Well Played?ย 
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Harper picked up the notebook that contained my to-do list from the table and opened to a fresh page. Clicking the pen open, she scribbled across the top.
To do with Levi
I chuckled. โ€œAre we making a dirty to-do list?โ€
She wiggled her eyebrows and put the pen to the paper. โ€œWe certainly are.โ€ โ€œTell me one thing you fantasize about doing with him.โ€
Yep, I was definitely drunk, because sober me wouldnโ€™t have participated in this. Though, even in this state, I felt my cheeks blush. โ€œWell, every day he goes out back and does pull-ups in that big oak tree. Sometimes I imagine heโ€™s naked while doing them, and then I walk out naked, too. I wrap myself around him like a koala and heโ€™s a tree, and he keeps doing the pull-ups. Hoisting us both up and down.โ€
Harper smirked. โ€œNice start.โ€ She then jotted down koala pull-ups. โ€œWhat else you got?โ€
โ€œWell, I also have this running fantasy that Iโ€™m watching him do the pull-ups from my bedroom window with binoculars, and then I lie down on the bed andโ€ฆyou knowโ€ฆgo to town on myself. And when Iโ€™m just about to orgasm, I look up at the window and see Levi with the binoculars. Heโ€™s watching me masturbate from outside.โ€
โ€œOoohโ€ฆ I like that one.โ€ Harper wrote down voyeur masturbation.
For the next half hour, we polished off our spiked lemonades, laughed a lot, and added more than a dozen sexual to-do tasks to my list. It was the most fun Iโ€™d had in ages. But Harper had to fly home in the morning, and I didnโ€™t want her to have a raging hangover. So rather than make another pitcher of spiked lemonade, I grabbed her a water bottle and some Motrin and told her to drink up before going to bed.
But as I walked around and shut off the lights, another fantasy hit me. โ€œThat peach cobbler we had for dessert at the restaurant was orgasmic, wasnโ€™t it?โ€
โ€œIt sure was.โ€
I pointed to the notepad. โ€œSit on Leviโ€™s face while eating that pie.โ€
Harper had been drinking water and spit it out all over the place. โ€œOh my God. That is most definitely going on the list!โ€ She picked up the pen and spoke while jotting something down. โ€œDouble orgasmic peach cobbler.โ€
We started to crack up, but a knock interrupted our laughter. At least it interrupted mine. I looked up to find Levi standing in the doorway to the living room.
My eyes widened. โ€œLeviโ€ฆ What are you doing here?โ€
His brows lifted. โ€œI own half the place.โ€
โ€œNo, I meant I didnโ€™t know you were back.โ€
He looked between Harper and me and seemed to smirk. โ€œOh, Iโ€™m back.โ€
My palms started to sweat. โ€œI didnโ€™t hear you come in. How long have you beenโ€ฆstanding there?โ€
Levi tilted his head, and his smirk elevated to a cocky smile. โ€œNot too long.โ€
Oh my God. I wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out. What if he heard? I suddenly felt pretty damn sober. โ€œUmmโ€ฆwell, this is my friend Harper. Sheโ€™s leaving early tomorrow, so we were just going to bed.โ€
He nodded. โ€œNice to meet you, Harper.โ€
Harper stood and hiccupped. She covered her grinning mouth. โ€œNice to meet you, too. Your familyโ€™s inn is beautiful.โ€
โ€œThank you.โ€
Her eyes shifted to me. โ€œAlthough thereโ€™s a lot to do around here. Presley and I made a list. You might want to take a look at it and get going on some of the new to-do tasks we added.โ€
My eyes nearly bulged out of my head, and I lunged for the notebook on the table.
Levi squinted at me. โ€œEverything okay, Presley? You seem stressed.โ€
โ€œIโ€™m fine!โ€
He nodded slowly. โ€œRight.โ€
โ€œAlrightโ€ฆ.โ€ I grabbed Harperโ€™s arm and tugged. โ€œWeโ€™re going to bed. Welcome home.โ€
Levi never moved from the living room doorway as he watched me drag my friend out of the room.
Harper waved over her shoulder. โ€œโ€™Night, Levi. Enjoy your to-do list!โ€
Somehow I managed to get Harper to her room without her yelling anything too obscene. But for the next half hour, I lay in my bed with my heart pounding. What if heโ€™d heard us? What if heโ€™d been standing there listening the entire time? Oh my God. I covered my face with my hands. The things I said I wanted to do to him. My head began to ache, and tomorrowโ€™s hangover hadnโ€™t even started yet.
After another twenty minutes of lying there freaking out in the dark, my mouth was so parched that I needed a bottle of water. But there was no way I wanted to run into Levi again. So I cracked open my bedroom door and listened for any sounds of someone moving out in the common area. Finding it quiet, I snuck down the hall and peered around the corner to see if any lights were still on. They werenโ€™t, so I breathed a sigh of relief and went to the kitchen for a drink.
I guzzled half a bottle of water before turning to slink back to my bedroom. But I froze at the sight of Levi standing in the kitchen doorway. My hand flew up to cover my racing heart. โ€œOh my God. You scared me.โ€
โ€œSorry. I was just going to head out to grab a bite to eat.โ€
โ€œOhโ€ฆthere are leftovers from lunch in the fridge, if you want. I made chicken pot pies this morning.โ€
Levi held my eyes for a moment. โ€œThanks, but I think Iโ€™m going to go out.โ€ He walked over and leaned down to whisper in my ear. โ€œI have a real hankering for peach cobbler.โ€
My jaw dropped to the ground. I had no idea what to do or say.
Levi winked as he walked to the door. โ€œGet some sleep. I wouldnโ€™t want you to be too tired to work on that to-do list.โ€
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Vi Keeland is a #1ย New York Times, #1ย Wall Street Journal, andย USA Todayย Bestselling author. With millions of books sold, her titles have appeared in over a hundred Bestseller lists and are currently translated in twenty-five languages. She resides in New York with her husband and their three children where she is living out her own happily ever after with the boy she met at age six.

Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of contemporary romance.ย 
She grew up in Boston with five older brothers and spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor. Penelope resides in Rhode Island with her husband, son, and beautiful daughter with autism.ย 
With over two million books sold, she is a 21-time New York Times bestseller and the author of over twenty novels. Her books have been translated into over a dozen languages and can be found in bookstores around the world.

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