About TaSTy WordGasms

TaSTy WordGasms was created in August of 2014 by me, Tanya Rae. My love of books morphed into an appreciation for indie authors and in forming TaSTy WordGasms I made it my mission to introduce readers to new and little known authors.

Recruiting a few of my close book loving friends, we became the first TaSTy LaDies. We four women became friends through social media and formed a bond through our love of books (more specifically Nicole Edwards books). Review requests from authors and their reps quickly started rolling in and we decided it was time to add a few more reviewers. The TaSTy LaDies have been busy.

Over the years, the line up of TaSTy LaDies may change but one thing remains the same, our love of reading. We vow to all readers and authors to always provide honest reviews (even if that means low ratings).

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and understand that authors work tirelessly to to provide quality work and we will always be respectful of that. Never will we share ARCs entrusted to us nor will we become involved in any author/reader bashing. Our goal is to inform and entertain, not cause drama.

Whether you are a long time or new TaSTy WordGasms author/reader, we Thank YOU for your support and welcome all constructive comments.


Tanya Rae
On behalf of All of the TaSTy LaDies
(Past, Present and Future)