Saving Abel – by Gina Whitney

Book: Saving Abel

Series: Rocker Series, Book 1

Author: Gina Whitney

Release date: June 26, 2014

Genre: Erotica/BSC

Reviewer: Nikki K

Stars (Os): OOOO

Saving Abel
Saving Abel

Able Gunner rocks out with his (expletive deleted) out until he finds a “magical pu**y” to bury it in.

Growing up the privileged son of a wealthy attorney Abel does what any other silver spoon fed kid does. He gets pierced (in yummy places), tatted all over, joins a rock band and oh yeah, he becomes a Dom. Being the lead singer of Lethal Abel has proven to be all that he expects, drunken debauchery, copious amounts of sex and hard rockin music. Never does he think that his lifestyle will lead to more than a long term D/s relationship, but he has yet to meet Gia.

Gia is an opportunistic chick looking for a good time with a hot rich dude. When she gets a job working at Abel’s father’s law firm,  she paints a bullseye on Abel’s ummmm….wallet. That is of course before she meets the “caveman” himself.

Pairing the Uber Alpha male that is Abel Gunner, with the naive social climbing Gia was a work of art. He cherishes her and dominates her at the same time, while she submits and adores him. She has never met a man like Abel. He tells her “I want you to ride me. I want to see that tight body move.” And move she does, directly in to his soul. Gia is everything to Abel, his sub, his love, the very air he breathes. But, will that be enough? Will Gia be able to hold Abel’s heart without breaking it?

While this is a story of fiery hot sex, steamy BDSM, and rockin music as the clencher, at its core Saving Abel is about overcoming your past to be happy in your present. Gina Whitney has taken the reader to the edge with the dirty talk and insanely hot fu**ing. If you like a little rock music mixed with your bondage and surprise endings, you’ll totally dig this read.

♤♤Warning….if you are hot for piercings,  you may want to read this book when you are certain to find release!♡ just sayin!


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