Punctred, Bruised and Barely Tattooed – Jade C. Jamison

Book: Punctred,  Bruised and Barely Tattooed

Anthology: Inked

Author: Jade C. Jamison

Genre: Romance/Tattooed Rocker

Reviewer: Nikki K

Stars (O’s): OOOO


Kory is Stoned in Love♡

Coming from a broken home and growing up in foster care have done nothing to help Kory to feel connected to people. She has spent her time since graduating high school trying to put the past behind her and build a secure future for herself. Part of shedding her past was taking control of her body, body mod was the order of the day. Walking into the Iron Maiden Tattoo Studio was a step into the next phase of Kory’s life. While a tattoo was not her chosen symbol of freedom, the tat artist would prove to set her free!

Stone Bowman, the badass artist, stood tall and lean, with long hair and dark eyes. For Stone, poking Kory’s holes had become a common occurrence,  little did he know he was the inspiration for her piercing obsession.

Kory’s infatuation with Stone grew over two years, until finally she gets the courage, thanks to her friends, to act on her feelings. When Stone agreed to go out with her, Kory didn’t know what to expect.  She just knew this was definitely more than just a date with some random. Stone was different,  she just didn’t know why.

Having a secret past was something the two had in common. Stone was sure Kory was aware of his, he was shocked when she seemed oblivious to his identity. This intrigued him enough to agree to go out with her. That first date at the pizza parlor opened the door to their pasts, a door they each had chosen to keep closed, long ago.

Being with Stone was amazing and she quickly learned to let him in, alas, her walls were cracking and her demons started to seep out. Ever the strong protector, Stone allowed Kory to use him for comfort and safety in her times of turmoil. In fact he relished the opportunity to be her rock. But soon, all too soon, they would each learn the tales of woe from the past.

Would their burgeoning love be enough to hold them together? Would she understand why Malevolent Disaster was kept hidden? Could Stone ever see Kory as more than a broken mess? The answer can be found within the pages of this great story of love and growth.

Jade, you’ve done it again. You’ve given us a strong lead male who doesn’t squash his lady, but helps her grow. Stone is pretty much the perfect man!


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