New Release – Seize Me from Darkness

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Book: Seize Me from Darkness, Pierced Hearts 4

Author: Cari Silverwood

Genre: Dark/Erotica

Release Date: 9/23/14

Reviewer: Shannon P

Stars (Os): OOOo (3.5 o’s)

Jazmine is a beautiful, strong minded journalist with a lackluster sex life. She has been captured by an evil man named Gregor who is known for human trafficking and torture. However, little does Jazmine know but there is someone who has a different plan in mind for her. Revenge is what the client seeks.

Pieter is an ex-cop and mercenary who starts working for Gregor. That is until he tries to help Jazmine escape. Now the client has decided to include him in the quest for his revenge. Pieter doesn’t want to comply, but if he does not, he will die. He also knows that someone else will carry out the client’s wishes with no regard for the beautiful Jazmine. The other problem for Pieter? He’s a sadist and he likes hurting Jazmine.

Jazmine is confused and scared. Desperate to escape and return home. Why does Pieter enjoy hurting her? More importantly, why does she like it? If given a chance to be free, what happens to her and Pieter?

This book is written very well by Cari Silverwood. It is a dark read and is not intended for readers looking for a knight in shining armor who will sweep the lady off her feet. Now if you like the lady being tied up, spanked, and so much more? Then yes with heavy emphasis on the so much more.

*I received Seize Me from Darkness as an ARC.

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