Her Master’s Teacher – Lily White

Disclaimer: This book is intended for mature audiences only (18+) due to language and sexual situations. This book contains explicit descriptions of violence.
Her Master’s Teacher – Lily White

Title: Her Master’s Teacher
Series: Her Master’s
Author: Lily White
Genre: Dark/Erotica
Release Date: 10/10/14
Reviewer: Tanya Rae
Stars (Os): OOOOO (5.”O’s”) – “O’s” for Orgasms

Her Master’s Teacher – Lily White (book 2)

Wow I am not really sure of where to start with this review for Her Master’s Teacher.    I am blown away.  Lily White you are brilliant and if I could I would give more than 5 (O’s)!!!

Please make sure you read the WARNING: This is a VERY DARK BOOK! There is violence, abuse, non consensual & taboo sex, and a whole lot more than that.  If you don’t like this type of book don’t try and read it.  Read Lily White’s WARNING!!!!  Enough said about WARNINGS!

You had me at.  Excerpt:  I’m a trained predator; a man who has been taught the fine art of my trade.  Not every person in my business is like me.  We each have our own style, our own flair.  Whereas others have an air of power and prestige, I prefer to use my youthful looks and a dimpled smile to lure and enrapture.   I resemble innocence, even though I am anything but….

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Holland Strong and at 21 years old, I’m the youngest man training to be a Master within a society of wealthy and influential men.  My training began early and I’m considered a potential savant within the society.

I loved Holland Strong.  I thought  he was young and immature, I found out differently by the ending.   The ending of Her Master’s Teacher just blew my mind, in a good way!

I really was prepared to hate Master Aiden in Her Master’s Teacher.  I had fallen in love with him & Rebecca (his forced submissive) in Her Masters Courtesan and in Her Master’s Teacher.  There are no choices for the women that are captured and forced into being a submissive.  There are no safe words, no choices.   The women are captured, broken down and built back up and sold.

I really didn’t see the ending of this book happening maybe, it was because I was upset and heart stricken with all that went on in book (no spoilers here).  Master Aiden really is the Master at breaking women.  He broke Claire in Her Master’s Teacher.  Claire was a Psychologist and taught at the college that Holland Strong went to.  She is about 10 years older than Holland and was captured by Holland to be sold.  Again, no spoilers here.  But, these are the characters in Her Master’s Teacher.

There is one more person that I loved in this book and it was Master Anthony and I hope he gets a book too!

I know I keep talking about the ending of the book and you really have to read all of Her Master’s Teacher.  In Lily White’s true writing style she changes things up with what happens with her characters.

One more excerpt this is from Aiden:

I am a Master…..

and I am, in no way, a good man.

I will not change and I will never appease the masses by finally developing some sense of morality.

That is not who I am.

Money is what is most important to me and beneath that is control.  I control all things: the women I train and the owners to whom they are later sold.

This book is a MUST read for all you dark lovers oh and read Her Master’s Courtesan first!

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review.



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