Beautiful Filthy Pain: A Dark Erotic Novel (Painful Obsessions Book 1)

Beautiful Filthy Pain

Title: Beautiful Filthy Pain: A Dark Erotic Novel (Painful Obsessions Book 1)

Author: Tasha Gwartney

Series: A Dark Erotic Novel

Genre:  Dark Erotic

Release Date:  Out now and on sale!


is beauty doesn’t distract from the demons that hide within. His tenderness is even more confusing than his cruelty. The pain he inflicts is simple.
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                                                                                                                                                                                                       Amazon Book Description:

He took me from my home. From my family, from my friends, from everything that I knew, and loved.

Now I belong to him, my dark angel, Gavin. To a man who is just as haunted by his inner demons as he is beautiful. His mere presence can make me smolder. His tenderness is the most devastating thing that I have ever felt. At least when he is cruel, I understand it.

My captor is unknowable. I don’t know why he has taken me…But I do know that he is changing me, soul deep, in ways that I can’t completely comprehend.

My name is Danika and this is my story.

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