Author Jennifer Reynolds Shifter coverTitle: Shifter

Genre: Romance, Paranormal

Author: Jennifer Lynn Reynolds

Reviewer: Tanya Rae

Stars:  4.0 OOOO’s (O’s for Orgasms)

I really enjoyed Shifter by Jennifer Lynn Reynolds! “Life lesson number one: Never anger a powerful witch.” Isn’t this the truth! Dmitri Sullivan really p*ssed off a witch and she turned him into a mangy & flea-bitten old house cat. Dimitri can’t change from being a cat but, he did change himself into a Maine Coon a pedigreed cat! It is a good thing that Abby found him at the animal shelter and took him home to be a companion for Sebastion her Calico cat. Mave the witch that turned him does everything she can to get Dmitri back & away from Abby because she wants her revenge on him.

Abby is a homebody after her last relationship and doesn’t like leaving her home. Abby of course finds out that Dimitri is a shifter and he and his family try to save Abby from Mave. Now I don’t really want to tell you more because you need to read this book to see what all happens.

Shifter has a very good story line and I will look forward to reading more of Jennifer’s books.

This ARC was received for an honest review.


Book Description from Amazon:

Life lesson number one: Never anger a powerful witch.

Too bad Dimitri Sullivan didn’t know the beautiful redhead he met at a bar, bedded, and skipped out on was a witch—let alone a psychotic one who turns him into a diseased-ridden, flea-bitten, house cat; the complete antecedent to his predominate wolf form.

Abby, like most humans, knows nothing about the supernatural world. She does know that her new cat is different. She knows that the new, gorgeous man in her life is up to something. And she knows that something isn’t right about the beautiful yet crazy woman stalking her.

When Mave, the witch who cursed Dimitri, discovers that the curse she placed on him is breaking, she goes to great lengths to stop him from becoming human once again.

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Jennifer Lynn Powell Reynolds is a thirty-four year old native of North Alabama. She is newly married. She and her husband, Russell Reynolds, tied the knot on Friday, September 13, 2013.
Jennifer has a Master of Fine Arts degree from National University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of North Alabama.
Writing has always been a large part of her life. In high school, her local newspaper published a large number of her poems, and she won numerous poetry and short stories awards. Since high school, she has worked on a number of different projects, but her focus has mainly been on acquiring her degrees.
She finished the first draft of her first novel, a post-apocalyptic piece titled Alone, around the time she graduated with her B.A. Since then, she has written numerous other novels, short stories, and poems.
Aside from spending her days immersed in the fictional worlds she creates, she works part time at Stained Glass Artistry and as a freelance developmental editor, copy editor, production coordinator, and eBook coordinator for a number of publishing companies.
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