Book Review – Without Consequence by Victoria L. James and LJ Stock


Cover Final

Book: Without Consequence
Series: Babylon book 1
Author: Victoria L. James & L.J. Stock
Release Date: Out Now
Genre: MC/Contemporary Romance
Reviewer: Nikki K
Stars (Os): OOOO

A prison term is a consequence anyone would want to live without, but Drew Tucker is not that lucky. A series of bad choices lead to a tragic ending for one of Drew’s crew, ultimately leading him to a prison sentence that not only takes away his freedom, it takes away what was left of his heart.

Ayda Hanagan and her Tate have had it rough since the tragic death of their parents. It wasn’t Ayda’s plan to stay in Babylon, Texas and become the only parent to her kid brother, but this is her life. Working 3 jobs to barely make ends meet, no friends, no boyfriend or even sex life to speak of Ayda is not living, she is simply existing. The end game for Ayda is to see her brother graduate and hopefully get a scholarship to a good school, then she can start her life. Only then will Ayda be free to find her happiness.

When Tate does the unthinkable to try and help out with the bills, Ayda is forced to defend and protect him in any way she can. Unfortunately for her that way is to repay his debt to the local MC. The only way to repay this debt is to become the maid to the raucous group of bikers and their “lady” friends. At first Ayda is put off by their lifestyle, the constant parties, women, drinking and in your face sex do nothing but make Ayda determined to do the job and get the hell out of the there. Then she starts to see Drew in another light. Maybe hes not the rough and tumble ass that everyone else sees, maybe he does have a heart.

Without Consequence is not your typical MC erotica book. Yes, there is sex and a good bit of it, but it’s not the dirty crazy in your face sex that you see in many books of the genre. This book is more about the relationship than then sex. It’s about finding your heart and learning to give it over freely to another.

The story Victoria and L.J. have written is one of burgeoning friendships, finding your family in the people you choose. The MC aspect is full full excitement and as you would expect, but it’s the underlying story that i enjoyed. The union of these orphans and the gang of misfit bikers. Well done!

**I was given an ARC for an honest review.


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