Book Review – GREGOR by Faith Gibson

by Faith Gibson☆☆


Book: Gregor (book 2)
Series: The Stone Society
Author: Faith Gibson
Release Date: February 10, 2015
Genre: Paranormal/Urban/Contemporary Romance
Reviewer: Nikki K
Stars (Os): OOOOO 5 O’s


Gregor and Tessa are explosive in this second offering from Faith Gibson’s Stone Society. From the beginning you can feel the tension in the air between the full blood and the half breed. Gregor knows the tension is caused by the mate bond. Tessa on the other hand, she is reluctant to accept it. She still worries that when the full bloods find out about the half bloods they will be ostracised has the had been in early days of human and Goyle bonding.

A badass motorcycle riding, free spirit, unencumbered by relationships of any real significance, Tessa wants no part of what Gregor is offering, well except maybe the sex. But her first priority is keeping Isabelle and the other half bloods safe. Gregor is a distraction that she has no time for. Once Tessa gives in to her basic sexual desires she’s torn. This man/gargoyle has what her heart and body need but is it what her mind wants?

Gregor only knows that for the first time in his 500+ years of life, he has never felt the pull to another like he does with Tessa. Learning that it is possible for humans and gargoyles to mate, he is not giving up on his chance for a real companion. Not even bullets can penetrate his desire to make Tessa his. Cracking her stoney exterior is now his top priority.

Faith Gibson has done a stellar job of weaving comedic scenes with hot steamy sex. All the while telling the tale of the gargoyle and happenings in New Atlanta. In Gregor we learn more about the history of the half blood and full blood gargoyle. The secrets of the past are exposed as we taken on this wild ride with Gregor and Tessa.

While Loved Rafael (book 1), Gregor is so much more….just more! The intrigue and the sex really kept me on the edge of my seat. I did not want to stop reading and when she wrapped it up i was not happy to put it down. My only thought was “when do i get the next book”?

As i said in my review of Rafael, paranormal is not my usual genre and I admit, i still have not ventured out to read other paranormal books, but The Stone Society series really has me hooked. Thanks to Faith for opening up a new world for me, but especially for the world of The Stone Society!

*I was given this book as an ARC for an honest review. I honestly loved this book!!



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