Book Review – Deceit by Lainie Suzanne

Author Lainie Suzanne 3Bcover 6.10.15

Book: Deceit
Series: Nexus Book 3
Author: Lainie Suzanne
Reviewer: Nikki K
Stars (Os): 5 OOOOO’s

tw review

Ever since Gina left her troubled past behind in Alabama she has tried to find her true happiness. Club Nexus and the people she’s met there have opened her eyes to a new way of life and exposed her submissive nature. With her desires awakened and her sights set on Master Leo, she decides it’s best to let the less desirable aspects of her old life fade into the darkness.

Master Leo has a reputation for being a bit more sadistic than the other Dom’s at Club Nexus. While he’s had no trouble finding women to occupy his time, finding a worthy sub to accept his demanding nature has proven more difficult, that is until he starts to train Gina. Just when Leo thinks he’s making headway with the beautiful sub, he discovers her deceitful ways. Will Gina realize the error of her ways and come clean about her life to Leo? Or will Gina’s past come back to haunt her destroying chance at happiness with the sexy Dom?

As Gina’s story unfolded, it opened up a world of deceit that drew me in. I found myself unable to put the book (tablet) down. Once the web of secrets is unraveled, the compassion I felt for Gina was profound. Without a man like Leo, Gina may have succumbed to her old ways, the life her parents had set out for her.

Deceit offers a darker look at the “vanilla” lifestyle than what was depicted in the first two books in this series. Lainie Suzanne has shown that the perceived “normal” is not necessarily a better way to live. Living an open and honest BDSM lifestyle can bring true passion, love and happiness if you let your baggage go. As with Nexus and Soliel, Deceit offers gorgeous Doms and beautiful submissives engaged in supremely erotic acts.

If you are looking for a great story with steamy hot sex, Deceit will not disappoint. Unless of course, you have no outlet for your own heightened desires. In which case, double check your booty call list, battery supply, and electrical outlets prior to starting this book. That’s right, the heat rises on the first page, so be prepared! I loved this book, but I will admit to wanting more Leo (sigh… Leo) I miss him already. I rate this book 5 stars and cannot wait for the next installment of the Nexus series!

Although I was provided an ARC for my honest review, I purchased a copy to add to my collection of books I love!


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