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Julia is a domme for hire. Paid to spank and dominate men, she loves what she does during the summer months. However, she is also a submissive for her husband.

Garrison is content being married to Julia even though he is a bisexual. That is, until he realizes the man he has the hots for is interested in him. Too bad his job as a detective has him busy dealing with a serial murder case. Good thing, the sexy lawyer is also on the case and it gives him a reason to see him.

Keaton might be a shark in the courtroom, winning almost every single case he tries, but he is submissive in the bedroom. It’s hard to balance his work life with his private life and finding someone that can handle both aspects of his personality.

When they realize they all know each other and there is desire between the three of them, things get hot. But, can three really make a relationship instead of two?

The serial murderer isn’t going to wait for them to figure out their situation. He is on the hunt for dommes and isn’t leaving much behind for the police to use to find him.

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FlawedFlawed by Rachael Orman

Tanya Rae’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely loved Flawed! And, that it was a romantic suspense just made this book! Rachael Orman I just love reading your books and you are quickly becoming one of my go to authors because I know I will just love the story!

Julia and Garrison are married. Julia is a Domme but, not with Garrison. She is submissive in the bedroom with her husband. Garrison is bisexual but, has never mixed up his married life until Keaton. Oh and when you mix in a little suspense then this makes for a very good book. I can’t say more because I don’t want to give any of this story away. But, if you like this type of book then you need to read Flawed and Oh and let me tell you Flawed was Hawt!

I received a complimentary copy of Flawed for an honest review. I give Flawed 5+STARS.

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Theresa M’s 5 STAR Review

Julia and Garrison are a happily married couple.  Julia is a professional Domme, and her husband is a cop—and Dom.  They are perfectly content with their off the charts love life, until a sub gets both their attention.

Keaton’s a lawyer, and he and Garrison have crossed paths professionally.  There is an underlying attraction between the two, but Garrison thinks there could possibly be more than just their attraction to one another.  This ménage is quite different from what I’ve read before.  I loved the Dom/sub/Domme dynamic.  Julia and Garrison are quite secure in their love for one another, so the occasional playmate invited into their bedroom isn’t a big deal.  They invite Keaton to join them for some fun, but will that be enough for them?

Add a serial murder that Garrison and Keaton are trying to capture, and this is a well-rounded story.  The suspense was good, the scorching heat between Julia, Garrison, and Keaton will melt your panties and/or boxer briefs!  Told from three points of view, I loved getting to each person’s head and seeing the story from different angles.  Rachael does a wonderful job of capturing three distinctly different personalities with such similar wants and needs.

I really enjoyed this story and give it 5 stars.




My phone rang, and I sat back from Garrison to pull it from my pocket. I cleared my throat at the name on the screen.

“Go ahead and take it,” Garrison said, leaning against the padding of the booth. He spread his arms out on either side of the backing, showing off how built he was and making my mouth go dry.

“Hello?” I tried answering in my normal voice, although it wasn’t normally how I spoke to her. However, balancing the dominating man in front of me and the controlling woman on the phone wasn’t easy.

“Where are you?” she barked.

“I’m sorry. I lost track of time. I am going to have to reschedule our meeting,” I admitted, holding back the groan that threatened to climb from within. Moving our appointment wasn’t what I wanted, but arriving late and not getting my full time wasn’t an option either. How had I lost track of time?

“This is unacceptable, Counselor. I’m very upset with you,” she snapped with venom in her voice.

“Understandably so. When can you fit me in next? I promise it won’t happen again.” I would’ve begged right then and there if it weren’t for the blue eyes burning into me from across the small table. I’d just tried to pick up on him only to be shot down, and now I was on the phone with the woman who dominated me on a regular basis. I wanted to squirm in my seat from the awkwardness of the situation, but didn’t because he couldn’t hear her side of the conversation. He had no idea who was on the phone, and I wouldn’t let it show. I might be submissive, but I wasn’t weak.

“I don’t know. Maybe I should make you wait another week before I make time for you. What would you say to that?” she demanded. That made me shift in my seat. I couldn’t handle waiting that long for her.

“Please,” I hissed, ducking my head, as if I could hide anything from the man across from me.

“Please what? You are the one that messed up here. Not me. I am upset with you; so why should I go out of my way to make time for you after you missed the time I’d already made for you?” she sneered.

My dick throbbed in my pants, my chest felt tight. I needed to see her. I needed the release only she was able to give me.

“I need to see you,” I lowered my voice even more, so low I wasn’t sure she’d be able to hear me.

“I’ll call you if I have some time open up,” she taunted and hung up.



I wanted to beg for him to undress me and take me right there, but this was his scene, and I was no longer in charge.

“Take off my shirt,” he rasped in his sexy as hell voice that sent sparks of desire between my thighs. My fingers were much smaller than his, and I trembled with need by the time I finished the few remaining buttons. My hands glided up from the waistband of his dress pants, over his rippling abs to his delicious, firm pecs, and across his broad shoulders. I followed the shirt down his bulging biceps to his forearms to the cuffs, the only thing keeping the shirt on. It now hung low around his hips in the back and practically framed his lean waist.

As tempting as it was to drop to my knees, I didn’t. Instead, I worked out each cufflink, and the garment finally drifted to the floor. I dropped the silver clasps on top of the fabric so they’d be easy to find later.

“On the bed,” Garrison whispered, but I clearly heard him and scrambled to kneel in the middle of the mattress. He sucked his bottom lip into his mouth, stalking toward me, stepping out of his shoes then bending to tug off his socks before joining me. “Fuck, Julia, that outfit is hot.”

I blushed a little at his praise. I craved to hear such reverence in his voice. I always dressed sexy for my Domme sessions because Garrison often claimed me after them. Reasserting his dominance. I happily handed it back to him since he let me fulfill my needs, even the ones he couldn’t satisfy himself.

“Get on your back,” he instructed, and I moved to relax on the pillows with my legs spread wide, heels digging into the soft bedding. A deep growl, or maybe it was a groan, rumbled through the air, and he crawled over me. “You are all mine. Every single inch of you.”

“Every single inch,” I repeated because it was the truth. My palm came up to cup his cheek as he lowered himself to bring our lips into contact. Not one other part of him touched me, and I writhed under his suspended body. I couldn’t help it. When he showed his sheer strength, it turned me on and made me want him more than ever.

A snap of elastic filled the air when he tore off my panties. I had only a moment to gasp at the burn caused by the rendering of the fabric before his thick fingers were pushing inside me, the weight of him coming to rest on top of me.

“So. Wet,” he breathed, punctuating each word with a thrust.

I arched off the bed and fisted my hands in the bedspread.

“Always,” I moaned.

“Only. For. Me,” he claimed once again using his fingers, fucking me to punctuate every word.

“Only you,” I gasped as his fingers curled and pressed along the ultrasensitive spot along the front wall of my cunt.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30283012-flawed


Author Bio

Happily married mother of two darling, trying, beautiful, horribly energetic little girls, an adorable German Shephard pup who makes her get off her butt and at least go for a walk around the block, and a fat, old, lazy chihuahua.

When she isn’t spending all her time writing dirty, sexy, naughty erotic romances, she is narrating audiobooks and helping run a LBGT blog.

Rachael loves to push herself to write new things so her books vary from heterosexual romances to gay/lesbian romances to menage romances… She couldn’t imagine writing outside of the romance genre since that’s what life is all about.. Love, sex, happiness.

She is a full supporter of the LBGT community and equality for all.

Please connect with her as she loves to know that people appreciate the time and energy she puts into each story.

Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/WriterRachae…

Facebook Street Team: https://www.facebook.com/groups/31993…

Facebook Audiobook Narrator Page:

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