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Author Erin Noelle everything now available 6.22.16


Meet Everett (A sexy rock star) who falls for Belle

(his new teacher), in this Rocker/Student/Teacher Romance.


Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1Sd9zD2

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1UF88TP

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Music was was part of my DNA, pumping hard through my veins, resonating deep within my bones. Not surprising, considering my dad was a global rock star and my mom had the voice of a fallen angel.

With my twin sister by my side in our indie-rock duo, Singed Wings, we were ready to finally see our name in lights when we opened for the hottest act to sell out stadiums – Jobu’s Rum Summer Reunion Tour.

The life I’d always wanted was finally within my reach. All I had left to do was finish out my last semester of high school.

But there was one problem: Ms. Sloan, the new art history teacher.

The same Ms. Sloan I’d met as Belle, the sexy little pixie who’d captivated me at a New Year’s Eve concert last year.

The same Ms. Sloan who’d owned nearly every one of my thoughts since that night.

The same Ms. Sloan whose class I was in danger of failing.

With my dream gig dangling just on the other side of that cap and gown, all of my focus should’ve been on my school work and improving my music as I prepared for my big shot to rock the world…

But I never expected her to rock mine first… and to change everything.

Everything is a standalone novel. It is a spin-off from the Book Boyfriend Series.

TaSTy WordGasms new pink logo profile pic 9.4.15Shannon P’s Review: 4.5 Stars       

Wow…where do i start? I have to admit that I had mixed feelings about this book with the whole “student/teacher” storyline. However, that didn’t stop me from loving this book! Everett is the son of Mason and Scarlett [who we met in the Book Boyfriend series] and is a rising rockstar as part of a duo with his twin sister. While performing one night at the bar his family owns, he sees her. Belle is a little thing that reminds him of a feisty Tinker Bell. The chemistry between these two is off the freaking charts! Before things can get even more heated, they are interrupted and leave without exchanging numbers. The next time they run into each other is the very last place they ever thought it would be…her classroom. Can you say forbidden? Oh boy, and it just blows up from there.

I absolutely loved the writing and character development shown in this story. Ms. Noelle gently wrapped her words around me guiding me through this non-traditional love story. She has the ability to leave me still contemplating the relationship between these two characters and begging my friend [who thankfully also received an ARC] to hurry up and read so we can talk!!

Everything by Erin Noelle was “better than good” and I give it 4.5 stars.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Review by Lisa G: 4 Stars

I’m a big fan of Erin Noelle – I was thrilled that Everything was a spinoff of my beloved Book Boyfriend Series. (Even if you haven’t read the Book Boyfriend Series you can still read Everything – reading the prior just brings different dimensions to the story.) This also means we get to see into the future life of Mason and Scarlett. You see, Everything is about Everett, Scarlett & Mason’s son. Everett and his sister Ashlynn are in a band together called the Singed Wings – they sing on weekends at Empty’s – you remember Empty’s right? That’s where Mason and his band Jobu’s Rum used to play.  Anyway, Everett meets the girl of his dreams one evening while he is about to go on stage – sparks fly immediately, the chemistry is so HOT! Their time together gets cut short that evening and silly Everett forgets to get a phone number. Will he ever see his little tinker Belle again? How will he find her?

Everett is a senior in high school returning after winter break and so excited to finish out the year – he walks into his 6th period class and guess what?!?! He has a new teacher, Ms. Sloan. Ms. Belle Sloan. You can imagine the shock for both of them. So let’s talk about this a bit – because quite honestly, this is where my struggle began. Granted Everett did not know that Belle was going to be his teacher and vice versa. But this is so taboo – keep in mind in Texas it is legal for a 17 year old to date an older woman – BUT not his teacher – that would be unethical. In MOST cases – this would offend me “I was ready to earn my A, and with any luck, I’d later be rewarded with an O.” yet, the story was written so well, I could overlook it and honestly, I did. I was actually cheering for them!

In typical Erin form similar to the Book Boyfriend Series, references were made about “butterpants” – if you are a fan of LuLaRoe – you knew exactly what she was talking about. I will never look, think or see Peter Pan the same way again – or Tinkerbell for that matter.

This was a really great read – I loved the ALMOST drama free fun read.

4 Stars from me! Can’t wait for Ashlynn’s story – there is going to be one right?!?!?

I received a complimentary copy of Everything in exchange for an honest Review.

Author Erin Noelle everything (1) 6.25.16


“I-I-I’m Ms. Sloan,” I managed to squeak out, “the new Art History teacher here.”

Staggering backward a few steps, she gaped at me in disbelief as all of the color drained from her face. “Say what?”

I nodded and pointed over to my car, where the faculty parking tag hung from my rearview mirror. “Yeah, that’s my car. I was leaving for the day and realized I’d forgotten my phone upstairs,” I explained, lifting my cell up in the air.

“Oh, fuck me,” she mumbled, squeezing her eyes shut and covering her face with her hands. “I’m so sorry. I thought you were someone else, and I tend to get a little overprotective when it comes to my brother, and—”

“It’s okay,” I assured her, reaching out to touch her arm so she’d stop and look at me. “Seriously, no harm, no foul. We can just pretend this never happened.”

Tilting her head slightly to the side, she studied me for a couple of seconds, and then a brilliant smile lit up her pretty face. “But you are her, aren’t you?” she whispered.

My lack of an answer confirmed what she already knew and she started bouncing up and down on her toes, clapping excitedly. “Oh wow! This is so exciting, a forbidden romance. I knew when Everett finally did it, he’d do it big.”

I wasn’t sure how to take the last part of her comment, but I chose to ignore it for the time being and focus on the first part. “No, there is nothing exciting, no romance,” I stressed. “I’m his teacher and he is my student. That’s it. Nothing more.”

“Okay, Ms. Sloan. I hear ya… nothing more.” She smirked sassily, as if she didn’t believe anything I was saying. “And my lips are sealed. Promise.”

She pretended like she zipped up her mouth and threw away the key then sauntered off toward a flashy silver Mercedes, waving bye to me before she lowered herself onto the driver’s seat. I peered down at the phone in my hands. 4:08. Shit. Now, I was late.

By the time I found the restaurant and joined my coworkers at the bar, I wasn’t sure if the restaurant had enough tequila for the amount I needed to drink.

About the Author

Author Erin Noelle headshot 5.11.16

Erin Noelle is a Texas native, where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and three fur babies. When she’s not reading or writing romance novels, she enjoys winning at cards and board games, awkward people-watching in public places, and doing cartwheels at the most random times. She’s usually barefoot, is never without a song in her head, and currently holds the title of World’s Best Procrastinator.

Her titles published include the Book Boyfriend Series, Dusk ‘Til Dawn Series, Luminous Duet, Fire on the Mountain series, and numerous standalone books that range from New Adult to Contemporary romance.  Her books have been a part of the USA Today Bestselling list as well as the Amazon and Barnes & Noble overall Top 100. You can follow her on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/erin.noelle.98, her blog @ http://www.erinnoelleauthor.com, on Twitter @authorenoelle, and on Instagram @erinnoelleauthor.

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