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Book: SIXX
Series: The Stone Society, book 7
Author: Faith Gibson
Genre: Paranormal/Romance
Published: July 7, 2016


TW 6 Blurb

surfboard with borderWhen Michael “Sixx” Gentry lost control of the beast inside, he walked away from the best thing to happen to him in 500 years.

Twenty-four years later, someone points out that Sixx has a doppelgänger. When he
hears the man’s name, Sixx realizes twenty-four years too late that the best thing to ever happen to him had been pregnant with his son when he walked away.

Sixx makes the trip across the country to face someone more terrifying than any
Gargoyle he’s ever come up against – the mate he left behind. Desirae Rothchild, love of his life and mother to his son, is one feisty human. When she learns the truth of why Sixx left, will she forgive him? Hell, will she even believe him?

If Desirae were his only obstacle, Sixx might be successful in his journey. But when the Greek King is hell bent on seeking retribution, Sixx’s family is caught in the cross-fire. Sixx and Desirae must work together with the help of his Clan to save the one person who means everything to them both – their son.

Book 7 in the Stone Society takes you from New Atlanta across the country to California where you are reunited with familiar faces as well as introduced to new ones.

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TW 6 Review Snippets

“I love, love, love Sixx! Once I started reading I couldn’t quit. I sat and read this book straight through. Faith Gibson with each and every one of your books I fall more and more in love with each of these sexy hunky alpha Gargoyles! I can honestly say that I am addicted to this series and it is so hard for me to wait until the next book comes out.”
-5 Stars from Tanya Rae

“As with previous books we still get to get caught up with old member of the clan as well as meeting new members. Once again Faith has told an enjoyable story. I love each of the characters in the story as well as the premise. I have been in love with the ideal of Gargoyles for quite some time. She has given a twist to the myth regarding gargoyles. They do not turn to stone when the sun goes down and they are able to have a sexual relationship as well as procreate with humans.”
-5 Stars from Lita T

“Sixx is the seventh book in the Stone Society series by Faith Gibson. You might think that a series would get kind of stale after this many books, but in this case you would be wrong…so wrong. Ms. Gibson keeps it fresh while adding more layers of depth. She has an amazing ability to weave past characters into the current storyline while also adding some new ones to the mix. I absolutely love the banter between some of them [especially if Tessa was involved, she’s a hoot!].”
-4.5 Stars from Shannon P

“Faith is such an amazing author. This series is so well put together. There’s a lot of story, but it doesn’t feel rushed, and it doesn’t feel like you’re reading forever to get to the end. There are so many points along the way in these books that you’re excited to get to, you really do get lost in the storytelling. You definitely follow what’s going on with the main characters, but there are several backstories going on, and you want to know what’s happening with them, as well. A true testament to Faith’s writing. I still say I’m not a fan of paranormal, but I’ll follow her Goyles wherever they are.”
-5 Stars from Theresa M



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