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Title: His Dark Canvas
Series: A Corde Noire Novel
Author: Alexandrea Weis
Genre: Dark Erotica
Release Date: August 29, 2016

Ella Winston is a talented chef with a problem–the slightest touch can reveal anyone’s darkest secrets. 

Hired to cook for the artist, Ren Plancharde, she struggles to keep her ability under wraps. 

After accidently uncovering Ren’s underground activities, the eccentric painter offers Ella a glimpse into his world of pleasure and pain. Intrigued, he decides to make Ella a part of his sinister Corde Noire Society, but his chef isn’t quite ready to commit. 

Absolute submission isn’t all Ren wants from the stubborn woman. He has big plans for her gift, too. The only question is … will Ella be willing to give in to his desires when the time comes?

The darkness within can hide a lifetime of secrets.
Through the haze of her apple martinis, Ella spotted someone across the wide dining room. He was different from the other patrons there to celebrate the restaurant’s two-year anniversary. With an arrogant walk, he strutted across the stone floor. Lean, muscular, and blessed with one of those bodies women would always notice, he had dark blond hair and disquieting dark green eyes. He was the kind of guy who knew he was good-looking and let everyone else know it, too. She wasn’t usually attracted to that type, but this man—his confidence intrigued her.
“You’re Ella, Ella Winston,” he said in a voice like dark chocolate fondue: deep, and wickedly sexy.
“Yeah.” She almost dropped her drink. “I’m the sous chef.”
“I know. Marcus told me.”
As his smile sank to the depths of her belly, he extended his hand, but Ella ignored it.
Don’t touch him. You know what happens when you touch them.
“So, how do you know Marcus?” Ella quickly asked, hoping to make up for her rudeness.
He laughed, looking her over. Above the din in the room, she could sense something different about his laugh. Unlike the insincere chortle of others, this man’s laugh got to her. She was having an unusual physical reaction, something that never happened to her. When most men laughed, Ella usually ran away.
“Marcus and I share the same friends.”
“What friends are those?” she asked, craving another martini.
“The wealthy kind, who like to support the arts.” He raised a green bottle of sparkling water in his hand. “I’m a painter. Marcus and I know a lot of people who like to pretend they’re patrons and keep us gainfully employed.”
“Painter?” Ella shrugged, finding it hard to believe Marcus knew any painters. “What do you paint?”
“Portraits of women. Usually with very little clothing.”
Oh yeah, I need another drink. “Is that lucrative?”
“For me it is.”
Her eyes wandered around the dining room, desperate to find a rescue. Ella needed to get away from this man before she said or did something really stupid.
“Do you like art?” he pressed.
“Some art. I think it would depend on the passion I see in a painting.”
“The passion in a painting?” That laugh again. Her toes tingled. Not good. “You sound like a painter, Ms. Winston.”
The martini glass in her hand suddenly weighed a ton. “Isn’t painting a passion for an artist, like cooking is a passion for a chef? Having a passion is a healthy thing. It reminds us that we have a soul.”
He nodded, seemingly approving of her drunken ramblings. “That’s very profound and also very true. I think you have a lot of talents yet to be discovered, Ella. May I call you Ella?”
“Ah, sure. Ella is fine.” Her mouth went dry. “What makes you think I have any talents outside of cooking?”
“I have a sense for these things.”
She tensed. Can he tell? The same thought always haunted her when she met new people. Ella fought so hard to keep her secret under control. Time to make a run for it.
“Don’t let Marcus know I have other talents. He’ll probably fire me.”
She was about to depart when he stopped her. He leaned in, and she could just make out the small cleft in his pointy chin. “I promise, if you ever need a job, I’ll hire you.”
His mouth was so close she could have kissed his perfect, thin lips. Frightened by the notion, Ella backed away. “I’ll hold you to that.”
“I hope you do, Ella.”
She should have done a million different things: asked his name, gotten his phone number, or stayed to flirt with him some more. Instead, Ella walked away. She figured it was one of those moments in life she would live to regret. Fortunately, Ella found the bar and drowned her disappointment in another apple martini.
Ella reasoned that was the way of it. You meet people and move on, and one day, if you’re lucky, you meet the interesting ones again.
Reviews from TaSTy LaDies: Tanya Rae, Lita T & Bettina A

His Dark Canvas (The Corde Noire Series #3)His Dark Canvas by Alexandrea Weis

Tanya Rae’s rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

His Dark Canvas: The Corde Noire Series Book 3 (can be read as a standalone) and is my first book that I have read by Aleaxandrea Weis and I really loved reading it! His Dark Canvas is Ella Winston and Ren Plancharde’s story. Ella is hired to cook for Ren and after she discovers his underground activities Ren brings her into his world. You can read the rest of the synopsis by Alexandrea Weis that she has provided for this book.

I thought that His Dark Canvas was a sexy book to read. I really enjoyed the scene where he painted her. He does have Ella pose for one of his paintings but, I mean when he really puts paint on her body. That scene was HAWT!

After reading His Dark Canvas it makes me really want to go back and read Alexandrea Weis’ other books in this series. And, Dark Perception was $0.99 on Amazon so I just “one-clicked”. It looks like each of these books in this series is that price. If you like BDSM, slightly DARK books then I say go for it. I really enjoyed this story and now I am going to read the other books.

I received a complimentary copy of His Dark Canvas for an honest review and I give it 4.5 stars and I am looking forward to read the rest of this series.

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Bettina A’s Review: 4 STARS

4 stars

*ARC for honest review*

Ella Winston is a chef hoping to one day have her own resturant. Ella is not a people person and prefers to stay in the kitchen and cook. One day Ella is given a proposition of working for a well known artist by the name of Ren Plancharde. Ren’s paintings are known for women in bondage. With great pay, Ella agrees to to cook all meals for Ren. Ella has a secret that she wants kept in the dark, but being at Ren’s it seems like it can’t stay hidden. Can the artist get Ella to admit to a darkest secrets? Or will Ella walk away more jaded than before?

I truly enjoyed this book that I read it in one day. I loved Ella, she is a strong woman who isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. She is not easily broken. The only thing I didn’t like too much was the ending. I wanted more! This is the first book I’ve read from this author and it will not be the last. Looking forward to next book.


Lita T’s Review:  4 Stars
His Dark Canvas (The Corde Noire Series) by Alexandrea Weis even though this is the third book in the series this book can be read as a standalone. This is the story of Ella a really good chef who one day hopes to have a restaurant of her own. When she gets an offer to be a personal chef to a famous painter, she has the opportunity to make that dream true. Ren is an artist whose paintings depict scenes of bondage. Ren is also part of a secret society that deals with BDSM. His new chef has peaked his interest and he would love to bring her into his world. This book takes place in New Orleans and the author brings many aspects of the culture in the story. I truly enjoyed that aspect of the story as well as the interaction between Ella and Ren. I like the other characters in the story and would like to learn more. I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review. I give this story 4 stars


From New Orleans, Alexandrea Weis was raised in the motion picture industry and began writing stories at the age of eight. In college she studied nursing and went on to teach at a local university. After several years in the medical field, she decided to pick up the pen once again and began her first novel, To My Senses. Since that time she has published many novels. Infusing the rich tapestry of her hometown into her award-winning books, she believes that creating vivid characters makes a story memorable. Her work has been critically acclaimed and has been continually growing in popularity. 

Alexandrea Weis is also a certified/permitted wildlife rehaber with the La. Wildlife and Fisheries. When she is not writing, she rescues orphaned and injured wildlife. She is married; they live in New Orleans.


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