Congratulations Taylor Johns on your release of HER Wicked FANTASY! With Tanya Rae’s Review @Taylor_Johns_ #TanyaRae’sReview

Closer to your body


Her Wicked Fantasy by Taylor Johns.

Release date: October 15th, 2016


Katrina & Eric Wilson is a fun loving couple who isn’t afraid

to try new things sexually.

Katrina, aka Kat, has always had a fantasy of being pleasured

by two men at once, but the love she has for her

husband and marriage have made her keep the fantasy a secret….

Or so she thought.

Eric is a loving husband that will give Katrina anything she wants,

even the fantasy of having two men at once,

but it has to be with the right guy.

A guy that will worship his wife like he does.

A man that will put off his satisfaction until Katrina has been fully pleasured.

A man that will respect her once everything is said and done.

Brantley Harrison is a young, gorgeous model on the road to huge success.

He had three goals after high school.

Serve his country.

Become a successful model and then settle down

with the woman of his dreams and have a family of his own.

He thought he found the right girl for that, but he isn’t sure anymore.

Then he encounters an older woman that’s unlike any other he has met, and that meeting leads to a friendship he will need when his world falls apart.

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Her Wicked FantasyHer Wicked Fantasy by Taylor Johns

Tanya Rae’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have to tell you Her Wicked Fantasy may be a new favorite of mine. I really loved this book! What more could you want. A good marriage (one that I would want if I wasn’t already in a good one) great kids, a VERY good and HOT story!

I love that Eric and Katrina (Kat) are both in their mid 40’s. Mix in Brantley, a gorgeous model in his mid 20’s. And, you get one very HOT book! Now this book isn’t all about sex. It is about relationships, giving and taking and trusting your partner and of course it is about “Her Wicked Fantasy”.

Taylor Johns had me crying! I had to keep rereading this part because I thought I had missed something and I couldn’t believe what had just happened. But you will just have to read Her Wicked Fantasy to know which part because I can’t say more. Other than I will be buying this book for my collection! This is a VERY Good book and I loved reading it! 5+++ STARS.

“I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.”

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About Taylor Johns: 

Taylor Johns is a mother of two teenage boys & wife to an amazing husband. Together they live the simple country life outside a small town in Southern Indiana with the family cat, dog & goldfish.

Taylor is an AVID reader who falls for the damaged alpha male that she wants to throat punch, repeatedly. She has been obsessed with reading for a very long time and it breaks her heart to hear people say they don’t like to read. She is always trying to get someone to lose themselves in the book world.

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