Honestly Unfaithful by A. L. Wood and DA Byrd is Live! With Lita T’s Review @ALWoodAuthor #LitaT’sReview


Honestly Unfaithful


A.L. Wood


DA Byrd



What would you do if the love and trust you had was broken?
Would you fight for love or would you succumb to temptation?

Maggie is running away from an overly possessive and abusive ex-boyfriend.
Marshall is an unhappily married college professor whose marriage is broken.

When Maggie discovers she might not graduate on time, she has to find an internship that will accept her, and quickly.
Broken and desperate, Maggie has no choice. Marshall’s internship is all that stands between her goals of graduating. He’s patient, kind. Everything she has craved. Everything she thinks she needs. Love.
Will Marshall succumb to her temptation?

Or will he hold onto his family and fight for love?


Lita T’s Review: 4 Stars

Honestly Unfaithful #1 by A.L. Wood, Da Byrd, Wendi Lynn is a cute story of Maggie a young lady who has escaped an abusive boyfriends and now finds herself at Duke University where she hopes to finish her college degree. Taking the only available internship which is a prerequisite to her being able to graduate she meets Professor Jackson. Professor Jackson is not only an alumni of Duke but he played basketball there along with going pro. After a career ending injury teaching became his passion. He now lives a routine life along with a marriage that has become extremely stale. When Maggie walks into his office for her interview for the internship each has a very sexual reaction to each other. Maggie has not felt like this before not even with her ex-boyfriend. Marshall Jackson knows that he is married and even though she is not a direct student of his getting involved with Maggie would be inappropriate. This is their tale. A steady read that kept my attention and had me anticipating what would happen next. I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader Copy. I give this story 4 stars. I look forward to the next installment in this series. 

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A.L. Wood

A.L. Wood resides in Queensbury, NY with her supportive husband and daughter. Reading and writing has been an interest for as long as she can remember.

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DA Byrd

DA Byrd resides in Kansas City, MO. He is a cover model and now author, creating his own destiny.

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