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I’m excited to share a new teaser for my next release, Devil’s Vengeance!! #TeaserTuesday


I’m also super excited to share a NEW EXCERPT from Devil’s book!!

Here’s a taste of Devil & Hailee –

Hailee met me half way, her eyes roaming appreciatively over my body before finding mine. A slow smile hit her lips. “You’re still here.”

I returned her smile. “You think a man could walk away while you’re singing? Besides, I owe you a drink.”

“I never said yes to a drink.”

“That word may not have left your mouth, but it sure as fuck was written all over your body, darlin’.” I tipped my bottle of beer to my lips and waited for her reply. This conversation could last hours and lead nowhere, and I wouldn’t give a shit. I just wanted to be in her presence and soak her sexiness into my bones.

She moved into my personal space, our bodies almost touching. “I’ve got lots of words written all over my body, but yes isn’t one of them.”

I closed the tiny distance between us and traced a finger over her lips. She didn’t stop me—a fair indication that she was as keen for this as I was. “How about I buy you a drink and we start figuring out how you’d like me to get you from clothed to naked.”

“We could have a drink, but getting me naked could take some time.”

I grinned. “I’m all about the challenge.”

“Yeah, maybe not this one.”

Fuck, when I finally got her under me, it was going to be fireworks. I ran my finger down her face, neck, and down to her collarbone. My eyes dropped to the tight, sleeveless black top she had on. The one that revealed a cleavage I’d like to get between. When I found her eyes again, I said, “I’ve never walked away from a challenge in my life, darlin’. I’m not about to now.”


Eeeek!! I can’t wait for you to meet Devil & Hailee! She’s gonna make him work for it 😉

DEVIL’S VENGEANCE (Sydney Storm MC #3)

Coming 15th December 2016


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