28 Boys by Ashleigh Giannoccaro has been released! With Lita T’s & Bettina A’s 5 STAR review. #LitaT’sReview #BettinaA’sReview

28 Boys by Ashleigh Giannoccaro
Release Date: March 30, 2017
Underneath these gang tattoos beats a heart three times a year. I’m a slow puncture death, a murderer, a rapist, and a number. I killed my best friend. Death doesn’t stalk me, it walks ahead of me by twenty-eight paces.
I went home after I sold my soul to the devils. I thought life would begin, I was a free man, instead within days the bullets fly and my last hope dies with the slain. There is nothing left to live for in this world. I belong to the 28s, I’ll always belong to the 28s.
The woman across the road judges me, she hates me, and takes every opportunity to let me know it.
Yet, somehow, when grief etched our names down in the book of the dead, we dared be bold enough to find love.
I’m not a good man, and I’m not pretty. I come from the Cape Flats where my life was reduced to a prison cell number. In all this ugliness I found beauty, innocence, and forgiveness. I can’t forgive myself for the crimes I’ve committed, but I’ll die trying to earn hers.
In a world where nothing matters, she does.
28 Boys contains foreign language, and South Africanisms throughout the story, this was done to stay true to the nature of the characters and setting of the story. there are not typos they are intentional. 18+ due to content, and triggers.
Cover Design by Southern Stiles Design
Cover Photography by FrankysFunkyFotos
Cover Model Franklin Petersen
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Lita T’s Review: 5 STARS

28 boys by A. Giannoccaro This book is more than I could have ever expected. By the end of the book I had tears streaming down my face and felt compelled to contact the author to thank her for telling not only a great story but telling it in such a way that the reader has no choice but to have their eyes opened into a world and people they never could understand. Francis is a product of his environment. He has just been released from prison after serving 12 years. Now back on the gang infested streets he has to deal with the death of his mother which he missed and the fact his sister is a strung out whore. Not only is she selling herself but to guys from a gang who is his rival. He wants to do better. But what do you do when he has lived the life he has. I do not want to give too much of the story away but if you want a really good story told in a way that keeps you going from the beginning to the end this is the book for you. It was emotional and gritty with a dose of reality a lot of people never have experienced. A phenomenal story that was not only thought provoking but a story of love, redemption and hope. I have read other books by this author and this is my personal favorite. Not her usual dark and twisted stories that have my mind reeling but a story I will remember for a long time. I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. I give it 5 stars, 2 snaps, a twirl and a big tada.    


Bettina A’s Review: 5 STARS

I truly enjoyed this book. It’s about those that live in their own hell and forgotten by the world. How much can someone take before breaking? Francis has done a lot of bad things in his past. Things that he was not proud of but had to do to stay alive. He did anything and everything to be a number, 28. Engela has her son who she fears will end up like all the other boys in her area, a number. Engela walks to and from work watching her back because she knows she’s not safe. Francis comes from from his prison bid and stays right extra door to Engela. Hating Francis from the beginning Engela places her own judgement towards him. As time continues and Francis starts to question what he wants out of life, and Engela starts so see he may not be who she thinks he is. Everyone has secrets and some can kill. Can two people find happiness in he’ll?

Ong! The feels of this book. It was soo heart breaking. My heart broke for Francis, doing what he needed to do to survive. Becoming something hard and dark. I soooo wanted a happy ending for Francis and Engela. No one deserves a happy ending more than these two characters. How much bad can happen to the same person before they break down? I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a book that pulls at your heart. These characters will stay with me for a long time. 28 Boys is more than just a story.

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