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A Powers of Influence Novel; Book 3
395 Pages
Audio Length: Hours and minutes
Genre: Modern Paranormal Fantasy/ Some clean romance
She was gone….
Stolen from them by an old enemy, Collett and her secrets had drifted into nothingness on a misty fog. She saved them all and left them with more questions than answers.
For nearly three centuries, twin lycanthrope brothers, Cade and Jarrett, had been on opposite sides of an ongoing war. Now, because of Collett, the brothers are united in purpose to eradicate The Faction once and for all. The fierce warriors decide to do what comes naturally. They go hunting.
With the police now involved, demons to kill, and reminders of Collett surrounding them, the brothers find that taking down the evil organization is their greatest challenge.
How could they know that their enemies are also uniting under a power even more ancient than themselves?
In the third book of Powers of Influence, Cade and Jarrett learn that trials often shape a man for a purpose and that their destiny is much more significant than either one of them had imagined.
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When Jarrett reached the top of the incline he shook his head to erase the unwelcome images. Then he looked out across the valley below and understood why Cade liked this place.
An early thaw had melted most of the ice that once covered a small lake within the center of the valley. Today, pregnant, heavy clouds rolled over mountaintops and hid the peaks within their gray depths. Beams of light broke through in small slivers that touched the green grasses peeking out of thinning snow.  All around the water, some trees released from their winter weight speared up, reaching for the sun. Others, still heavy with snow, bowed in reverence to the lake.
The beauty of the scene before him shattered when Jarrett glanced to the side and saw Cade at the edge of the precipice.
The heartache emanating from his brother was a thick, heavy cloud, and there was an anger simmering deep inside that Jarrett understood all too well.
Cade stood upon the peak as a large, black wolf. Being a wolf was easier. In this form, the animal instincts would be stronger than the pain. The basic urges and needs of the animal would outweigh his human thoughts.
His brother made no move to acknowledge the intrusion on his solitude, but Jarrett knew he heard. “There was a detective at the house today,” Jarrett told him. “He wants to talk to you.”
Cade tilted his head. Jarrett knew his twin needed a distraction, and lucky enough for Cade, Jarrett understood the need for such things better than most. They were not idle creatures by nature. The wolf inside them craved the hunt, it craved action, especially in a time like this.
Jarrett came out intending to fulfill that need. He wanted to take Cade away from this place and give him a point of focus. He knew staying here would only make things worse, in more ways than one. Jarrett understood that Hall hadn’t swallowed the group’s story about the drug lord. Plus, it could only help to get away from the things that reminded them of Collett.
“Get dressed, we’re leaving,” Jarrett said and threw clothes at the wolf. When Cade looked away, content to ignore him, Jarrett taunted, “Let’s go hunt down Victor and the rest of those Faction monkeys.” He lifted a brow in challenge and grinned when Cade glanced in his direction again. Jarrett saw hunger in his brother’s amber eyes. It was the first time since Collett’s death he saw something besides the glazed emptiness. For now, that was enough.
~ Author Interview ~
1. What inspired you to write this story?
The story actually came in a dream to me. Shortly after my mother died, I realized I was wasting time, and I needed something to define who I was. I wanted to write for so long, but I let my fear stop me. One night I had a dream of a girl hiding in the woods, and from that scene I built a story. It is important for me to tell you too that writing requires a great deal of support, because without my friends and family to brainstorm with or to honestly tell me what’s missing, my dreams would not come true.
2. How did you come up with your main characters?
Well Collett was the girl in my dream. So she was the first character. Then I had to think about what she was running from? Dragons and Lycanthropes are fascinating to me.  I like to play D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) and in that game my husband played a werewolf named Jarrett and sometimes a fighter named Cade. I took those characters and built the story around their lives.
3. How did you get the idea for the Covers?
I wanted covers that depicted important elements of the story. To me no element did that better than the four powers of influence. My daughter who is fourteen drew a symbol for me and we sent it to the designer. She was able to mimic that symbol in the first cover, and from there we made sure to incorporate it in the other two covers and add in other elements that depicted the individual stories.
4. Who is your favorite character in the series and why?
I love all the characters, but there are three that just stuck with me. Jeffery, Nate, and Jonah. I am not sure why I loved them so much. Each of them were originally supposed to be short side characters, but their voices were so loud in my ears, they shifted into bigger parts of the whole.
5. What kind of research did you have to do for your series?
I had to do all kinds of research on things like names, locations, and historical events. The funniest one was researching military bases, weapons, and bombs. I honestly think I may be on the FBI watch list at this point.
6. Did you know what was going to happen in the end when you first started?
I had an idea of where I wanted the story to go, but I didn’t really know how I would get there. It changed shape as it unfolded. I’m not sure I can explain, but the characters took me on a journey the same way I hope the books will take you.  
~ What People Are Saying ~
Worth the wait! The final book answers all the questions, and I couldn’t put it down. I found myself reading all night even though I had to get my kids to school the next morning. The ending blew me away.
The characters feel so real and I have grown attached to them. I even found myself feeling sorry for some of the bad guys, and hoping they could see the error of their ways. My new favorite character was Detective Hall. He brings a fun element to this conclusion. It was great to see all the different relationships throughout this series.
I love this series, and hope to see more!
~ Other Books in the Series ~
Forgotten Enemy
A Powers of Influence Novel; Book 1
395 Pages
Audio Length: 12 Hours and 53 minutes
Genre: Modern Paranormal Fantasy/ Some clean romance
Purchase Links:
Amazon US : AU : CA : UK
The Price of Knowing
A Powers of Influence Novel; Book 2
391 Pages
Audio Length: 12 Hours and 30 minutes
Genre: Modern Paranormal Fantasy/ Some clean romance
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~ About C.B. Haight ~
Camille Bateman Haight, was born and raised in Sandy Utah. She was born seventh in a family with eleven children. Growing up in a loving home she was taught strong principals. Among those lessons was first a love of God, second, a love for family, and third, a love for stories.
Her father helped  her mother learn to read after they were married. Together they taught their children the value of a good book and the hidden worlds between the pages.
Now as a mother of five girls, Camille passes those lessons to her own children. With a BA in communications, she found a way to turn her love of reading into a love for writing and hopes the messages hidden in those pages can inspire others.
Having settled in Utah County with her family, Camille spends her extra time bringing new characters to life.
Camille believes, a good story can lead us out of our darkest places. It should pull at you from within, challenge you to think, and bring forth a bond between you and the characters. The characters must be more than just names on a page. They should be your best friend or your most hated foe. A good story will make you laugh out loud or have tears slipping down your cheeks. It should feel real and engage you on every level.
Connect with C.B. ~
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