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He knew right where she was.

He thought he was keeping her safe . . .

Until the US Government took his mate.

Julian Stone, computer genius for the Stone Society, has spent the last few months helping his fellow Gargoyles rescue their mates while keeping hackers at bay. Now, Julian must save his own mate from the hands of the US Government.

Katherine Fox has been imprisoned for crimes she didn’t commit and is confined to the FBI’s SuperMax facility among the worst criminals known to man and Gargoyle. Julian is left with no choice but to break Kat out of prison.

Even as war looms for the Stone Society, the Clan steps up to help Julian rescue Katherine. They vow to protect her with their lives. It will be up to Julian to find the evidence to clear her name.


 ~Nikki K’s 5 Star Review ~

Since Faith Gibson first introduced Julian in the Stone Society series he has been a curiosity for me. I wanted to know more about the solitary male that sits behind the computer keeping the clan safe through his technology. Finally, I got to really meet the Goyle and OMG… he is swoon-worthy!

Julian knows who his mate is and she is in serious trouble. This time, he must use not only his computer skills to save her, this time he gets to leave his monitors and keyboard, get out of his lab and get his own hands dirty to rescue the woman the fates have chosen for him. Nothing will stop him from getting to her and freeing her from her captors. Julian enlists the help of his brother Nikolas and cousin Gregor as well as their mates, Sophia and Tessa, and together they devise a plan to bring his mate home.

Not only is the storyline exciting and full of adventure, but it was exciting to learn about Julian. He is, to me, one of the more sexy Goyles. The way he speaks to and interacts with his mate had my heart melting; but when they finally get the opportunity to experience each other sexually it is panty melting. The bedroom scenes in Julian are…OMG…HOTTT!

I say it every time, and every time I mean it as much as the last… I love this book and it is my new favorite in the series (well, except that Frey and now Sin will always be my tops Goyles). Julians personal storyline is exciting in itself, but then there are the other goodies intertwined throughout the book.

Faith Gibson has left me panting from the minute I read THE END. She has taken me to the edge of knowledge with the War with Alistair; fed me bits about the unknown hacker; and teased with a tad more about Uri. Her ability to tell three separate stories within one book is astounding. I recently warned someone that this series is like crack, you are hooked by Rafael and with each book you want just one more fix. I confess, I am a Stone Society junkie and Julian is my newest addiction.

I highly recommend Julian to lovers of high adventure, sexy AF alphas and overall amazing writing. I love this book and happily rate it 5 stars.

I Reviewed this book for TaSTy WordGasms Book Blog, and I have purchased a copy to keep in my treasury of Faith Gibson books.

~ Lita T’s 5 Star Review ~


Julian (Stone Society # 9) by Faith Gibson I cannot get enough of this series. Julian is the computer genius and hacker extraordinaire of the clan. His mate Katherine in locked up in a super max federal prison and he is determined to bust her out. The threat of war still looms between Rafael’s clan and his uncle in Greece. Julian is torn between his mate and his duty to the clan. Once again the author told a story that drew me in and had me wanting more by the end of the book. We also learned more regarding Katherine’s past and some surprises about her that really threw me for a loop. As always we get to see more about the other members of the clan. We meet new people. We get reintroduced to old members of the clan as well as catch up on all the other members of the clan as well as their mates. There is always more than one story going on at a time so I never get bored or distracted. I cannot put this book series down and usually do not get much sleep when reading these books. Once again the author’s character development in like no other. By the time I finished this book I already wanted to read the next book. There are so many characters in her book that the author could pick from several different ones and I would be satisfied. I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader Copy of the book. Another 5 star read for me.

~ Tanya Rae’s 4.5 Star Review ~

Julian is book #9 in the Stone Society Series. What can I say but, I LOVE these gargoyles. I have loved this entire series from the word go!

This book is Julian’s turn to be a star. We have seen him in previous books from this series. Julian’s mate is Katherine and Katherine is being framed for something and thrown into Federal Prison. Julian is trying to find a way to get her out. Legally or illegally. Whatever, he has to do to get her out. Now I don’t want to tell you anything more because Julian is a must read! In fact, this whole series is a must read!

While Julian isn’t my favorite of these sexy as sin Gargoyles. And, I do have a favorite but, I am not going to share who he is. I still loved this book. There are a few surprises in this book!

BTW I can never look at a Gargoyle the same way as I looked at them before I started reading the Stone Society.

I highly recommend Julian and the rest of the gang. I love Julian and this series and I hope you do as much as I do.

Here is the reading order for the Stone Society!

#1 Rafael
#2 Dante
#3 Nikolas
#4 Jasper
#5 Gregor
#6 Sixx
#7 Frey
#8 Sin
#9 Julian

I did receive an Advanced Review Copy but, I also bought this book! I give Julian 4.5 stars and I can’t wait for the next book in this series. I wonder who is next!




Check out the rest of the series and Faith’s full library!

~Buy the Books~

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