The Other Woman: A Betrayed Wife takes on a Mistress with Scandalous Results by Eve Rabi @EveRabi1 #FREEonKindleUnlimited #CrimeThillers #SuspenseNovels #RomanticSuspenseBooks #CrimeAndMysteryNovels

Eve Rabi The Other Woman ebook cover 6.14.17

“Lock out your husband, put out your pets, order take-out for
dinner even, because once you start reading this book, you won’t
want to be interrupted, trust me.” Amazon reviewer
A mild-mannered wife awakes one day to find that she has been
replaced by a cunning seductress.
Helplessly, she watches the other woman help herself to her husband, her children and her life. Then one day, she snaps.
With nothing to lose, she sets out to destroy the other woman and win back her family.
Her techniques are dirty and underhanded, causing untold misery to her nemeses, rocking the foundations of her ex-husband’s new marriage.
Trouble is, the other woman does not believe in losing and has no intention of backing down. The wife and mistress collide, and mayhem and murder follow.
If you’ve enjoyed Gone Girl, HBO’s The Affair, Fatal Attraction and
Big Little Lies, you will enjoy this fast-paced, action-packed thriller about revenge and retribution.
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