Submission & Redemption by Ella Dominguez is being re-released into the wild! @ella_dominguez

Submission & Redemption Re-released into the Wild!



An erotic journey retold.

Previously titled: The Art of Submission: The Art of D/s, #1 and The Art of Redemption, #0.5. Rewritten from first person narrative into third person.


Submission: An erotic journey of self-discovery where obsession and a yearning for control collide.

After a chance encounter brings a businessman face to face with an erotic set of paintings that were never intended to be sold, they rekindle a flame for the alternative lifestyle he was forced to give up. When he meets the shy artist, he hatches a wicked plan that will not only allow him access to more of her paintings, but to dominate and educate her in the ways of becoming his submissive. Faced with an offer that will permit her to explore her sexual desires—their passionate journey begins.

In spite of Dylan’s trust issues and wanting only a physical relationship with distinct boundaries, their chemistry is powerful. Soon, he realizes that he can’t resist Isabel’s spirited nature, her eagerness and lack of fear to learn from him, and most of all—her immense talent.

But Isabel has a hidden dominant streak that only Dylan brings out, and despite being drawn to one another, their unexpected struggle for control and their dark pasts that are looming in the shadows, threatens to strip them of the fragile bond they so desperately cling to.


Warning: Contains erotic elements, BDSM themes, and situations that may trigger past memories of abuse. Intended for mature readers, aged 18+. 



Redemption: *Can be read before The Art of D/s Rewritten Trilogy (Submission, Domination, Control), but contains mild spoilers.*


Warning: Contains mild BDSM and situations that may trigger past memories of abuse. Intended for adult readers aged 18+


For Isabel, art is her one saving grace from a life of cruelty and abuse. Bored with conventional sex and unfulfilling relationships, she looks to her own creativity to find an outlet for her secret desires. Introverted, self-critical, yet spirited, she yearns for love, acceptance, and control.

For Dylan, the answer to his control issues and sadistic fantasies waits for him within the walls of the Dark Asylum. Seeking redemption for his overwhelming guilt and sadness over the loss of his parents, he immerses himself completely in the worlds of art and BDSM with voracious passion.

Beginning on the night of the fated Studio 210 gallery show that steers Dylan toward the love of his life, this prequel highlights the years prior to meeting his soulmate and own little artist with a hidden dominant streak—Mistress Isabel. That very same night forever changes Isabel’s future, as well, and leads her to the man who will capture her heart, dominate her world, and ultimately give her complete control.



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