Teaser Tuesday! HUNTER by Krissy V Coming July 25th, 2017 @authorkrissyv #TheMixologySeries #PreOrder #99cents #SexySummerRead #Hunter #JamesFamily #ComingSoon


The Mixology Series Book 1

Krissy V

Cover Design: Designs by Kristy-Anne Still

CoverModel; John Conway

Release Date: July 25th 2017

Krissy V Hunterteaser2 7.18.17

Hunter James’ passions include cocktails, women, fucking, women, cocktails and family. This week is singles week in Mixology and Hunter is determined to enjoy all the single women throwing him the eye across the bar.

Until he sees her!

Scarlett Parrish is sick of her controlling boyfriend. He pushes her around too much and when a handsome man comes to her rescue one night, he is all she can think of.

Hunter James is the one man she shouldn’t want, but she does. He should be the one man she stays away from, but she can’t.

She didn’t count on Hunter James wanting the same thing!

PreOrder #99cents

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2ua4Nqj

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2uIyA6t


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