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  Title: Theirs To Crave
Series: Billionaire Games Series #2
By: Kenya Wright
Publication Date: August 7, 2017
Genre: Erotic Romance

No billionaire is alike. Some are cruel, others twisted. There are even a few that drip with sex, yet love to break a woman’s heart. Dawn has had her fair share of billionaires, but it seems they haven’t finished with her just yet.

When she met brothers, Max and Freddy, she played their game for a while and finished it stronger than when she started. Now there’s a new game threatening to consume her, and even more players begging for a taste. Dawn can’t run from these men anymore. It’s time to deal with them one by one, and decide if she’s truly theirs to crave.

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TaSTy WordGasms Review 5.9.17
Lita T’s Review: 
Theirs to Crave by Kenya Wright This is the follow up book to Thiers to Play. Even though I read the first book almost 4 years ago I have been looking forward to this book. Freddy and Max are billionaire brothers whom play a game of romancing one woman in hopes of her sleeping with one brother first. At the end of book 1 the guys had met their match with Dawn. Once back home Dawn wanted nothing to do with either brother. However the brothers were not through with her. Freddy had never felt the way he feels about Dawn. He can envision a future with her and has decided to go to culinary school in Miami to be close to her and to try to get back in her good graces. Max too decided to stay in Miami but for a different reason. When a person from her past, the ex-boyfriend he decides to make his presence known and the games truly begin. I can say I am glad the author finally decided to write the next book in this series. I enjoyed the premise of the story and it was quite entertaining. I loved Freddy to pieces. He was hot and he was serious about getting his woman. He was determined to get her back and he didn’t care what he had to do it. I do have to the say the way the book ended had me scratching my head and I was left wondering if their will be another book. A good read with interesting characters. I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book and I give it 4 stars.


Theirs To Play – Billionaire Games #1
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Kenya Wright wrote her first novel during her third year at UM Law school. She dropped out a month after the release and never looked back.

Words are power,
and Kenya wants to be the greatest wizard that ever lived.

It’s an audacity to inspire
and teach the healing of love through arousal.

It’s this crazy idea that love
can not only help a reader escape,
but the story can also teach the person
about being human,
while making them laugh,
and hot for more sex.

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