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Stryker: Blurred Lines
by Lora Ann
Genre: Forbidden Romance, Steamy Contemporary Romance, New Adult & College
Cover by: Mason Sabre at Mac Bros Book Stuff



A look…
A touch…
A taste…

But they know it can never be.
For all those things scream—FORBIDDEN.

Betrayal sinks her vicious claws in, shredding Landon’s heart.

Refuge is found working on the farm with his dad and raising his beautiful little girl. But tucked inside is a secret he holds tight.

Wounds that crave tender loving care.

Her adorable young cousin…the balm she seeks. Bliss turns to the only family to ever show her kindness.

Sparks explode into an inferno.

The heart only knows who it desires.

And love has an uncanny way of blurring the lines.


He slammed the phone down knowing he shouldn’t let her get to him, but Tess had this way of getting under his skin. Their daughter was her weapon of choice this round. Again, he wondered how she’d become so callous. Always had been manipulative, he was just naïve enough to believe love could conquer it. All of the drama set him on edge as he began to add another layer to the wall around his heart. He couldn’t let another ever have the kind of access he’d given his ex-wife. Captivated by her beauty and her unmatchable skills in shifting words, just right, to convince him he was the only man for her. What a crock! He’d learned during the divorce proceedings Ashton was not her first affair. She’d never been faithful to him. And he would’ve given everything, had given her his all, his heart. She knew Vanna was his Achilles heel. Damn her. Not in the right frame of mind to talk to anyone, he went straight for the wood pile and began to take out his anger with an ax.

“Son, you’re gonna keel over from overexertion chopping wood like that. From the looks of it, you had a conversation with that woman.”


“Ah, going with the silent approach. Y’know, Landon, I raised you to speak up and get that shit out. It’s toxic. And I know it sounds like I’m ridin’ your ass. But the truth is, until you purge all that nasty, you won’t be able to truly move on.”

Landon froze mid-swing. “You mean I’ll never marry again. Fine with me.” The ax hit its target with a loud crack sending wood splinters out in several directions, like mud when a tire was stuck. “You okay?” he inquired when his dad stood there and said nothing.

John shook his head. “I’m fine. And I meant in every relationship you have. Vanna will pay the price,” he warned before sauntering away.

His dad was right. He knew that. But he couldn’t risk falling in love with Bliss. Didn’t anyone understand that? Log after log caught his fury, his heartache, as he let physical labor ease the pain.


The sight of his bare torso, glistening with sweat, as his muscles rippled and bulged from powerful swings of the ax, had Bliss’ lady parts throbbing for his attention. God, she knew he was beautiful, not just handsome. His thick dark hair contrasted with those piercing blue eyes. She’d thought for many years his hair was obsidian, but, after seeing him outside in the sunlight, she realized it was espresso, hints of different browns. A tree aided her stalking as she backed up against it. His skin was golden, telling her he pulled his shirt off often. Those muscles were the result of working the land. Though he’d always been fit. Her eyes kept wandering over the smattering of hair that covered his lickable pecs and his oh-so happy trail, just below those washboard abs that accentuated the V, enticing her gaze to travel further down. A masterpiece of masculinity and, have mercy, did she want to taste every single part of that creation. Her fingers eased down the waistband of her cut-off shorts as she sought pleasure. Not release. That was for her vibrator. This was something more. She closed her eyes and imagined him touching her there, wanting to capture her big O and claim it. With her other hand, she steadied herself against the rough bark as she reached climax.

A little girl’s squeal of laughter pulled her back into reality with hard yank. Savannah was next to the shed playing with the dogs. Bliss blew out a sigh of relief from not being caught and straightened her light green T-shirt, unable to shake the feeling someone was staring at her. Landon was gone. A quick search brought her hazel gaze to his enflamed blues. Oh fuck—busted. “Um…” her face was hot from the embarrassment of being caught doing something so private, so personal.

His hand captured hers, raising it. Oh my God! She couldn’t watch what she’d only read about in a book. His to be exact! His fingers lifted her chin, so she had no choice but to be a witness to his naughty demonstration. With deliberate strokes along the fingers she’d just had on her privates, his tongue danced, before he sucked with strong pulls, causing her core to molten. She was positive the evidence was trailing down her inner thigh. Her pulse pounded in that central tiny bundle begging for him to do that, and more. His irises darkened as his lids grew heavy. She was quite sure the action of his mouth on her fingertips, partnered with that boiling gaze, was going to bring her an even bigger orgasm than before. Her nipples were painful as her back bowed toward him. Landon didn’t relent and slid his tongue into the tender webbing between her pointer and middle finger. “Give it to me, Bliss.”

Her breathing was harsh as she fought for control. But the battle was lost when he lightly scraped his teeth in that spot she had no clue held so much feeling. He shoved his thumb in her mouth to silence her scream of pleasure and commanded, “Suck.”

Her gaze still held hostage by his, making this little escapade something tangible, intimate. She obeyed with vigorous pulls, visualizing it was his manhood. His eyes rolled back for a second before they were back on hers. Good Lord, he was fucking her with that heated regard. She grew bold and uttered words she’d only dreamt of saying. “Come for me.” Then she proceeded to suck off his thumb as he leaned into her.

He placed her hand over his engorged cock. Even through the heavy denim she could feel how large he was. He pushed hard against her and wrapped his free arm around her for cushion. Her breasts were pressed against his soaked T-shirt he’d managed to tug on as he watched her finger herself. For him. Though she didn’t realize she had an audience at the time. She unzipped his fly, refusing to break the connection they held. Her long graceful fingers traveled his length before she fisted his girth and pumped, moving from base to tip. There was nowhere to hide as he erupted for her. His thumb still wedged in her mouth as she bit down, drawing more from him.

“Ah, fuck, Bliss,” his breath blasted out as he fought to take her mouth with his.

“I know,” she panted as he moved her saliva around her lips.

Dogs barking and growling brought the moment to a cruel end. Both adjusted themselves and took off running when Savannah’s ear-piercing scream filled the air.




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Lora is a Missouri native who relocated to California as a teen. She spent several years as an international flight attendant for a major airline before taking on her greatest job ever, a stay-at-home mom. Now she resides in Kentucky with her family and has taken on her newest adventure, writing.

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