Discover the secrets with Andi Copeland, Spotlight Author

Join Faith Gibson as she delves into the YA Fantasy world writing as Andi Copeland.

Oracle, The Guardians of Truth, Book 1

Debut YA Fantasy from Andi Copeland

Hitting e-readers everywhere on September 28, 2017

Rhennan Ward is no one special. Or so she thought. Soon after her eighteenth birthday she finds out how very different she really is.

Rhennan is next in line to be Oracle, the one chosen by the Creator to guard the secret of Heaven – The Tree of Life. Rhen’s grandmother, the current Oracle, gives her a beautiful pendant for her birthday. Soon after, strange things start happening, and Rhen sees things she shouldn’t. Coming into her powers before her time, Rhen believes she’s going crazy.

Nikki’s interview with
Faith Gibson/Andi Copeland

All of us here at TaSTy WordGasms have known Faith Gibson for a few years now and I am honored to say she has become one of my best friends. We have been friends since before she published her first book and I have had the pleasure of watching her grow as an author. Taking on the nom de plume of Andi Copeland and venturing into yet another Genre, YA Fantasy is not surprising to me at all. This woman can write anything and keep me riveted to my seat. I have read and thoroughly enjoyed Oracle and I know that everyone that already enjoys her work as Faith Gibson, will love her as Andi Copeland. Now, take a few minutes and get to know a lil more about Andi, soon to be a sensation on the YA Fantasy scene.

TW: Why do you write? What inspired you? AC: I’ve been writing since I was young. Song lyrics, poems, short stories. Anything that came to mind, I wrote it down. Everything inspires me, but dreams and songs mostly give me ideas.

TW: What made you write YA and use a pen name? AC: I’ve had this story floating around in my head for years, and it finally clicked and had to be written. I’m using a pen name so younger kids won’t be trying to download my 18+ books.

TW: What is the first book you are publishing as Andi Copeland? AC: Oracle, Guardians of Truth, Book 1

TW: How would you describe your latest book? AC. Good vs Evil, Angels and Demons, coming of age for 2 sisters who find out they have special abilities

TW: Where did the idea for the book/Series come from? AC: I honestly don’t remember. Like I said, this has been rolling around in my head a long time. I started writing book 2 years ago, but when I decided to get serious about it, book 2 became book 1 and vice versa.

TW: What are you working on now? AC: Urijah, Book 10 in the Stone Society. Uri and Banyan are gutting me. This book is going to be stellar.

TW: Which of your books/series was your most fun to write? AC: All of them! Some were harder to write than others because of the subject matter, but with the Stone Society, I have created a new world that is all my own and I can make it anything I want it to be!

TW: Is there a recurring theme through all of your books? (i.e. Alpha male, goofy sidekick, lost girl, music) AC: Love and music.

TW: If so, why is that important to your writing? AC: Real life is hard, and even though my books deal with tough issues, I want everyone to know what it’s like to be loved unconditionally. And music has always been part of my life. It has brought me through the toughest times. It resonates with my soul, and therefore, most all my books will have music woven throughout.

TW: What genre would you love to write but don’t think that you would do it justice? (I think you can write anything) AC: Aw, thank you. I would love to write Steampunk. I love that genre, but just don’t have the inspiration (yet)

TW: What is the one thing you would like readers to know about you? AC: I am so thankful for every single one of them who has supported me on my journey.

TW: What is your writing process? Do you have scheduled times you sit down and just start writing? Or is it more like when inspiration strikes you pick up a pen or keyboard? AC: I’m structured. This is my job, my career. I get up and drink coffee and work a puzzle to get my mind going, then by 8 I start writing. I will stop for lunch and to walk the pup, but then I’m back at it until the man gets home. Sometimes I will work on the weekend, but usually it’s Monday through Friday.

TW: Do you write longhand or do you prefer a computer? AC: Unless I’m somewhere I can’t have my laptop (like the beach) I will always write on the computer.

TW: You are self published, why did you decide to go that route instead of reaching out to traditional publishers? AC: I had a smaller publisher with my first book, but I decided to try self-publishing so I could have all the control, and it worked.

TW: What is the hardest part about being an author? AC: Not enough time to write. I have too many stories started and many more in my head that need to be written.

For shits and giggles—

TW: What is your favorite word? AC: Fuck

TW: What is your least favorite word? AC: No

TW: Is there a word we will never read in your books? AC: Moist, lol. People hate that word. Other than that, I can’t think of one. I have no filter in real life, so it’s even worse in my books. There are words readers hate, but if it calls for it in my book, I’ll put it in there.

TW: If you could pick one of your books to be real and live in, which would it be and why? AC: As much as I love Frey, I’m going to have to say Gregor. Book 2 in the Stone Society is about Gregor and Tessa. I might have channeled a lot of myself into Tessa and I would love to live her life as a half-blood with her badass Gargoyle.

Maddox Bell is the new guy at school. When the tall, good-looking bad-boy shows up in his leather jacket and moto boots, all it takes is one look into his sapphire eyes, and he makes Rhen forget about her ex-boyfriend – the one who broke her heart. As Maddox and Rhen become closer, things get stranger, threatening to rip them apart.

When Rhen makes one wrong decision, her life and that of her family, is irrevocably changed forever.

The Guardians of Truth is a YA fantasy series revolving around 2 sisters and their journey of discovery.

Ever since certain Angels fell from Heaven, they have been searching for the Tree of Life. The Tree holds the Truth of the Heavenly Throne, and they are determined to take it from the Creator.

The Guardians – half Angel and half human – were created to protect the Oracle and her family.

Nephilim are the product of humans and demons, and it is their job to help the Fallen Angels get closer to the Oracle and discover the Truth. As the sisters find out, good isn’t always dictated by the blood in your veins.

The Fallen get closer to the Truth, and it will be up to the sisters to figure out who they can trust. One wrong move can destroy Heaven.

Follow Rhennan and Nikira Ward as they learn who they really are and what that means for their future.

Pre-Order ORACLE now!

Be on the Frontlines of battle of Good vs Evil and follow Andi Copeland


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