Spotlighting the Male POV with Miles Hightower

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Getting to know the author of The Loft Series,
Miles Hightower.

Nikki K chats with Miles Hightower

The other TaSTy Ladies and I first met Miles Hightower and his wife on FB in a reader group before he published his first book Desires Unleashed. Over the years, we have become friends and I have been fortunate to meet them both in person. In seeing them together and talking to them on FB I can tell you that the love his main characters Mitch and Molly show for each other looks to be written from a place of truth. It is refreshing to read about a longtime married couple that still have that spark for one another and always look for ways to make the other happy. If you haven’t read The Loft Series yet, do yourself a favor and #OneClick as soon as you are done with this interview.

Q. First things first, if we’re meeting somewhere to conduct this interview, where would it be? (A park, bar, restaurant, your home, my home)
A: The Loft    (The Loft is the *wink* club featured in Miles’ series. Sounds like a fun and possibly kinky afternoon)
Q. What would be your drink of choice? I’m a vodka or Jameson gal myself.
A: Jim Beam & Coke or a Long Island Iced Tea
Q. If there’s food involved, what type would it be?
A: Bar food. (I love bar food myself)
Q. Why do you write?
A: For fun. And I think the guys pov is a change of pace for some readers.
Q. What inspired you to write?
A: My wife reading all the time.
Q. Why did you choose to write erotica?
A: I like sex…
Q. How would you describe your book(s)?
A: Erotica with real people that could actually happen
Q. Are you working on something new? Can you tell us a lil about it?
A: Working on book #4 in the series. Alex’s story
Q. How did becoming a published author change you or your life?
A: I don’t have as much money as I used too. But, I have made dome great friends I never would have had otherwise.
Q. Which of your books/series was your most fun to write?
A: The first one, Desires Unleashed. The first time is always exciting. 😉
Q. Is there a reoccurring theme through all of your books? (i.e. Alpha male, goofy sidekick, lost girl, music)
A: Real couples exploring fantasies.
Q. If so, why is that important to your writing?
A: It shows that a couple can still be very committed to each other even if their fantasies may be beyond each other, if they are open and honest with one another.
Q. If you were interviewing your favorite character from your book(s) what’s the one question you would like to ask them?
A: Mitch. “Can life really be that good?” 
Q. What genre would you love to write but don’t think that you would do it justice?
A: Erotica… (He is way off base on this one. His books are the perfect specimen of Erotica)
Q. What is the one thing you would like readers to know about you?
A: I am a pretty normal guy. Husband, Dad, friend. Perv…
Q. What is your writing process? Do you have scheduled times you sit down and just start writing? Or is it more like when inspiration strikes you pick up a pen or keyboard?
A: No real process. I thumb it out on my phone when I have time, am bored, or the words hit.
Q. Do you write longhand or do you prefer a computer?
A: Prefer my phone actually. Its handy, and for the most part private. I can write with out worrying about my kids or co-workers seeing what I am writing.
Q. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what book would you pick.
A: I am not much of a reader actually…
Q. If you are self published, why did you decide to go that route instead of reaching out to traditional publishers?
A: I do this for my own enjoyment. Didn’t feel like putting the effort in to trying to pedal my books to a Publisher.
Q. What is the hardest part about being an author?
A: Making it pay for itself.
Q. Have you ever thought about giving up writing? If so why?
A: Yes. It gets expensive. Kinda of a money pit, for me at least. Need to be more financially responsible for my family.
Q. We often hear that writers barely break even on their books. If this is true, why do it?
A: Definitely true. Pipe dream that one day I will break even. Though it’s a hobby for me, so I’m doing it for the fun and enjoyment anyway ( up to a certain cost).
Q. Is there a message or lesson you hope readers take from your books?
A: Not that I mean to have a lesson, but of there is one, don’t be afraid to at least talk about or openly listen to someone else’s dreams or fantasies.
*For shits and giggles.
Q. What is your favorite word.
A. Boon (I always spell boob that way first (big fingers on a small phone keypad)
Q. What is your favorite dirty word.
A: fucking. 😉
Q. What is your least favorite word?
A: No
Q. Is there a word we will NEVER find in your writing?
A: Not that I can think of
Q. What is on your Kinky Bucket List
A: Building a spanking bench.
Q. We know that you are a licensed pilot. Can you tell us what you love about flying?
A: Flying is my solitude. When I go flying all my stressors are left on the ground. I find my peace up in the air.

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Welcome to The Loft Series by erotic male author Miles Hightower!

The Loft is a place where everything goes, and typically does! Follow along on the journey of a happily married couple that wants to explore their sexual desires and dreams together and in turn form new friendships with very erotic benefits!!


Desires Unleashed (book 1)

Desires Unleashed on Amazon

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MH Dreams

Dreams (book 2)

Dreams on Amazon

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MH Because

Because Of You (book 3, standalone)

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MH SA X Who is Miles Hightower?

Miles Hightower is my alter ego and now pen name. He came about as my wife started reading erotic romance and discussing the books in FB chat groups. Wanting to be a part of what interested her, I came up with Miles Hightower as a persona to lurk about in the social media world while keeping my personal life personal.

I am a husband, for 18 years and counting, to my wife Sara. We have two children. When not being husband and dad to them, I also enjoy flying. At one point I wanted to be a career corporate pilot, flying Lear jets all over the country. After I graduated from college I taught people how to fly for three years. Long story short, a flying career didn’t work out and I ended up working in manufacturing. But that’s where I met Sara. So it did work out after all. I still work in manufacturing, as a Quality Engineer and now just fly for fun when the weather is nice.

Along with flying I also enjoy playing golf, darts, taking my family to water parks, sitting in our hot tub with Sara and a glass of wine and now writing. I tried to learn the guitar a few years ago, but that didn’t go so well. Apparently, I have no musical talent whatsoever. I am a product of the 80’s and still am very into the hair band music from that era. And no, I didn’t have big hair back in the day, but I did sport a mullet.

As far as my writing goes, I don’t write “Disney Fairytale” style romances (as I like to call them) where a knight in shining armor comes in and saves the damsel in distress. I write about fictional erotic fantasy from a guy’s perspective. About how a guy might think, feel or act in a particular situation. My stories are stuff I make up with a little reality of the things that interest me (like flying) and how life is in general tossed in. I do research some things that I don’t know anything about, in an effort to make the story seem a little more real than complete fantasy. If it’s on the internet it’s true, right? I like my book(s) to come off as fantasy, yet slightly plausible.

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