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Get ready for Andi Copeland to take you on an amazing journey into a new world where good and evil clash in an epic battle –

Oracle- Guardians of Truth book 1

Coming – September 28, 2017 

Rhennan Ward is no one
special. Or so she thought. When her grandmother gives her a Tree of Life
pendant for her eighteenth birthday, she finds out how very different she
really is. 
Rhennan is next in line to be Oracle, the one chosen by the Creator to guard
the secret of Heaven – The Tree of Life. Rhen’s grandmother, the current
Oracle, fails to pass along the knowledge of Rhen’s destiny, and when strange
things start happening, Rhen believes she is going crazy. Coming into her
powers before her time, Rhen sees things she shouldn’t. Her parents are keeping
secrets from her, and that only adds to the stress she feels about her sanity.

Maddox Bell is the
new guy at school. When the tall, good-looking bad-boy shows up in his
leather jacket and moto boots, all it takes is one look into his sapphire
eyes, and he makes Rhen forget about her ex-boyfriend – the one who broke
her heart. He also makes her forget to study, and with only three months left
in the school year, Rhen is torn between keeping her perfect grade point
average and spending time with the man who has his own secrets. As Maddox
and Rhen become closer, things get stranger, threatening to rip them

When Rhen makes one desperately wrong decision, her life and that of her
family, is irrevocably changed forever.  “If this was Hell, the Christians on Earth were
going to be pissed.”

Talon Silver is
the Guardian who has been watching over Rhen her entire life. He is also the
one who rescues her from the hands of a demon. He is supposed to be one of the
good guys, having Angel blood. Why, then, is Rhen hesitant to trust him?
Angels and
demons. Good versus evil. Things aren’t always black and white, and Rhen has to
figure out who she can trust.


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“I read the ARC of Oracle. OMG I never, ever, ever would buy a book like this. But I already preordered this one. This book is freaking AMAZING!!! ”  – Early reviewer

Chapter One
Have you ever had a possum walk across your
grave? You know that feeling that starts at your nape and snakes its way down
your spine while the hair on your arms stands on end? Your whole body shivers
while you look around for the boogeyman, but you can’t see anything. I was
sitting in first period when it happened to me.
It didn’t take long to figure out the cause.
Our classroom door opened, and in walked the most beautiful man I had ever
seen. And when I say man, I mean this guy had to be a substitute teacher or
someone’s older brother, because there was no way he was young enough to be a
student. Long black hair brushed his shoulders which were encased in a
well-worn leather jacket. Faded jeans led to a pair of black moto boots. His
most striking feature, from the quick perusal I had given him, was his eyes.
They were a deep sapphire. I know this because I sat close to the front of the
And he was staring straight at me.
That might not have been so odd if I were
Brittany or Kinsley, the prettiest girls in our class. But I wasn’t. I was
plain Rhennan Ward. For whatever reason, none of the other kids were paying any
attention to him. I turned my head toward my best friend. Surely Jenna would be
staring at him too. She wasn’t. What the heck was going on? Was I the only one
who could see how gorgeous this man was? When I turned back around, Mr. Blue
Eyes was headed toward me. I lowered my chin to my chest and averted my gaze
until he stopped and took the only vacant seat in the classroom, which happened
to be right next to mine. Great.
“Class, I would like for you to welcome Maddox
Bell. He comes to us from…” Mrs. Bain looked back down at the piece of paper
she was holding and frowned. “Anyway, say hello to Maddox.”
Maddox. Of course he would have a cool name. Not Bill or Ted, but I
had no doubt this guy had plenty of excellent adventures. His name matched his
swagger, and I still didn’t believe he wasn’t older than the rest of us. Half
the class muttered hello while the other half continued to ignore the new guy
the way they usually did.
Maddox Bell wasn’t just another guy. Something
about him was different. My skin was still itching from the way he had looked
right at me. Maybe he was an undercover cop. It’s not like our school was
exempt from kids selling drugs or teens running away. Northfield was your
average public high school. But that wouldn’t explain why he had singled me
out. I was pretty boring for the most part. No boyfriend. Highest grade point
average out of over three hundred seniors. My social life consisted of going
for coffee drinks after school with my best friend and hanging out with my
little sister. See? Boring.
I wanted so badly to turn and stare at him to
make sure I hadn’t been wrong about his looks or his age. Maybe he was so
good-looking the others couldn’t look his way, like he was an
Angel or something. Now you’re being ridiculous. My thoughts
had been off-kilter lately, so thinking Maddox Bell was an Angel wasn’t out of
the norm.
“Rhennan, if you would share your book with
Mr. Bell until we can find him one, I would appreciate it,” Mrs. Bain
announced. Maddox didn’t hesitate to scoot his desk closer to mine, sliding his
arm along the back of my chair and leaning toward me. How did he know I was
Rhennan? I turned my head to ask him that, but the words died in my throat.
Either I was going crazy, or the pupils of his eyes were slitted like a
snake’s. He blinked, and they were back to the same deep blue that had pierced
me moments before. Yep. Going crazy.
I swallowed hard as I pushed my chemistry book
over so it was half on my desk and half on his. After that, I kept my eyes down
and off Maddox Bell. More than once his breath ghosted across my neck and cheek
as he leaned closer, but I locked down the urge to face him. His scent alone –
a mixture of leather and smoke – was doing crazy things to my brain.  None
of the other boys in our school smelled this good, not that I went around
sniffing them. Then again, none of the other boys looked this good, and they
sure didn’t make me see things that weren’t there.
For the last two weeks, ever since my
eighteenth birthday, my life had gone from normal to anything but. Before the
tenth, or BTT as I liked to call it, I was just a regular girl
who made good grades and spent time with her little sister and her best friend.
I didn’t dream at night, or if I did, I didn’t remember them. Now, not only was
I having vivid dreams – most of which were nightmares – but I was remembering
every little detail in Technicolor. During the day, I had started having
flashes of someone or something in my peripheral vision, but
when I turned to look, there was nothing there. I had the feeling of being
followed. Watched.
I had read articles in various magazines about
trusting your instincts. How your gut feeling was the universe’s way of cluing
you in on what was happening around you. My instincts had been on high alert
ever since my birthday. I wish my instincts would chill out, because they had
me on edge, and I couldn’t afford that. Not with only three months left until I
It was a good thing I was a straight-A
student, because I had no idea what Mrs. Bain said for the next forty-five
minutes. Dizziness danced around me, and it took every ounce of willpower I had
not to run from the room. When the bell rang, I grabbed my book and slammed it
shut a little harder than necessary; but in my defense, my brain wasn’t
functioning properly, and I blamed that on Maddox. Instead of going to my
locker, I waited outside the classroom for Jenna, and as soon as she cleared
the door, I grabbed her sleeve and pulled her farther down the hall. “Did you
see him?” I gushed.
“That Maddox kid? Yeah, why?” she asked
nonchalantly, like he wasn’t some kind of god in black leather.
I looked around to make sure nobody was
listening, and said, “You’re kidding, right? There’s no way he’s eighteen.”



About Andi Copeland

Andi Copeland is a YA Fantasy author who
lives outside Nashville, Tennessee with the love of her life, and her
four-legged best friend. She strongly believes that love is love, and there’s
not enough love in the world.
She began writing in high school and over the
years, penned many stories and poems. When her dreams continued to get crazier
than the one before, she decided to keep a dream journal. Many of these
night-time escapades have led to a line, a chapter, and even a complete story.

Andi is a lover of music, mostly hard rock, and
she prefers it live and loud. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading,
riding her Harley, or playing trivia.

When asked what her purpose in life is, she will say it’s to
entertain the masses. Even if it’s one person at a time.

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