Gay for Pay by Sam JD Hunt is LIVE! An irreverent romp of a little M/M bisexual comedy by the author of Taken by Two 99 cents – so it’s less than that designer coffee you slurped earlier. Oh, and it’s a quickie, because sometimes that’s all you’re in the mood for! @SJD_Hunt #SamJDHunt #only99cents #NewRelease #OneClick #KU

Sam JD Hunt gayforpaycover 10.3.17

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Caleb Drake is going down.
Which is why he’s going down.

Caleb Drake is a guy’s guy—beer on Friday, football on Sunday, he couldn’t be more secure in his sexuality. But he is dealing with the aftermath of an expensive divorce, and his shaky judgment has caused him to lose his lucrative career as a personal injury attorney. Facing disbarment, and costly legal fees, he considers an unthinkable solution offered by an unlikely advisor: his soon-to-be ex-wife.
John Butters is in town, trolling Las Vegas for gay-for-pay performers for his hit direct-to-internet porn series, Butter Me Up. In the back of his van or in a hotel room, Butters films everyday straight guys who are willing to go there for cash.
Butter’s newest find, the ridiculously endowed Caleb, is a sure hit. With more and more cash on the line, Caleb goes further and further until a blast from his past turns his universe upside down—his former college roommate Derek Johnson.
A bisexual romp of an erotic romantic comedy, Gay for Pay will leave you asking, “What the hell did I just read?”

A story so wrong it has to be right from the author of Taken by Two.

Sam JD Hunt Gay For Pay teaser review10.3.17.jpg

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